Artist of the moment…..Park Seo-Bo

Park Seo-Bo is a contemporary artist born in Ye-Cheon, Kyung-Book, South Korea in the year 1931. Park Seo-Bo uses a specific type of Korean paper in her art. For his artistic education the artist attended Hong-Ik University located in Seoul, Korea. Park Seo-Bo is a modernist painter who enjoys dealing with the ideas of nature and space. That nature and man are indeed one body.

Some critics claim he is an action painter. It seems as if he is certainly trying to create tension by using so many varieties of medium, but each is used subtly, nothing is overdone. The main theme through this action painter it seems is to create his vision, to leave his energy on the canvas.

Price range information:  $10,000 to $150,000.

In this clip we visit a show from 2010. The artist is great at varying surface texture:

Spent a year in the early 1960s living in Paris, France.

In the past has served as vice president and president of the Korean Fine Arts Association.

Served as Dean of the College of Hong-Ik University.


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