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Artist of the moment…. Adam Winegar….



This artist is the youngest of the painterly Winegar brothers being 27 years old. He was born in Utah and grew up there as well. It has influenced his landscape paintings and the viewer can notice a very soft and grey light similar to what you might see in a Karen Vance painting.

The artist has representation in a gallery, but does not call himself a full time professional artist.

He loves to paint landscapes as it allows him to express how he feels about the landscape and his immediate environment.

All 3 brothers live within one hour of each other and Salt Lake City! Awesome!

They don’t paint outdoors together very often, but rather do outdoor activities together such as hunting, camping, fishing, and all three even collect rare coins.

I love the fact that a family has 3 working artists and imagine the three of them have formed a really tight family bond as professional artists!

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment… Simon Winegar….

you guessed right, a brother to the previous entry. Born in 1979. Painter of landscapes that sells both originals and prints, you can find some prints of his landscapes at

The last 2 pictures you can find at   . Please don’t look down upon commercial art, at least get yourself one contract and see if you like it. Many artists who went on to become quite famous worked in the illustration and commercial art industry. Howard Terpning, Steve Huston, and Bob Kuhn all made the leap. One of my favorite watercolorists, Mary Whyte, has illustrated several books.

The artist was born in 1979 in Utah and grew up in the Salt Lake City area. Art and creativity were looked upon highly in the family. ” Not a Christmas went by we children didn’t get new watercolor paints and a new pad of construction paper!”, said the artist in an interview. Awesome! Great job of parenting!

The artist has had nearly one dozen one man art shows and credits his mom and older brother Seth for planting the seeds of inspiration for him.

Since I don’t even have a brother I appreciate the fact that not only are they close, but they share one of the world’s great professions of being a professional working painter and artist!

Keep painting!



Artist Update…. Pumpkin sculptor Ray Villafane carves world record pumpkin….

carving the 1815 pound pumpkin was a big challenge for Ray Villafane , but he did it! I was super impressed with these pieces he did over October 22 and October 23 at the New York Botanical Garden. Just tremendous exaggeration and especially love the hand and the zombies coming out of the pumpkin!


Go to my previous post about the artist to see him in action! I am currently carving a pumpkin this way was surprised at how solid the pumpkin is. Way different using a clay ribbon loop rather than a knife to do the pumpkin!

A quick clip of the artist in action with this super large pumpkin!


Happy Halloween!



Artist of the moment…. Len Chmiel….


this artist paints awesome landscapes! As an artist I enjoy his use of colors. His mountains use long slender triangle shapes in shadow areas that explode with color.

His paintings have much depth and space as well. The viewer is looking across a large flat space that is dark then light using contrasting areas and values to give the viewer the idea of looking across a large desert space or even a mountain.

His painting of snow is great also. Many  times artists use greys when painting snow and winter scenes, for me I love it when an artist chooses to light up the highly reflective snow surface with exciting colors with a little blue or even some mauve and purple tones thrown in.  It reminds me of being out on a mountain during winter when the sun is out and you take off your shades and are “blinded by the light” Color everywhere! Exaggerate it!

The artist was born in Chicago in 1942 and moved to California at age 8. He now lives in Colorado and his studio is an old barn.

The artist was first a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company. He attended night drawing classes and worked as an illustrator honing his design skills to become a full time fine artist.

Below is a brief interview with the artist and Clyde Aspevig from Montana talking about Maynard Dixon Country, a show held for outdoor painters in Mt. Carmel Utah in the end of August.  So many different interpretations of the same ideas, just great creativity involved.



He has also taught drawing at Disney Animation Studios and continues to take on the occasional illustration job.

A major artistic influence was the painter Richard Diebenkorn.

Try a landscape painting today!



Artist of the moment…. Pumpkin Artist Ray Villafane….



this artist is amazing and is especially popular this time of year as he does portraits, sometimes very animated of people and he uses pumpkins and gourds as his medium. I came across the artist whilst watching the Martha Stewart show.  In less than 2 hours time he finishes most of his work. Always growing as an artist his works this year show the face while being pushed or pulled by a hand which he also carves.  Amazing detail and sculpting skills on display here!

And gotta love the medium, pumpkins and gourds!

From the clip on the Martha Stewart show he did most work using a clay ribbon loop of varying sizes.  The most important thing is to pick a NOT PERFECT circle and rather a pumpkin that is unique in shape so you may develop a strong jaw, chin, or nose.

Here is a clip from his youtube channel. In 5 minutes and 5 seconds straight he carves a fine face anyone would love to see on a pumpkin!

This artist has at least one DVD out, but even check out his free tutorials or his stint on Martha Stewart show and you will learn enough to do a fantastic job!


Hats off to all you artists, do some thing in the Halloween spirit today!


Artist of the moment…. Tu Hongtao…



this artist was born in 1976 in China. He is well known in the art world for mixing photorealism and surrealism in his paintings. Working on surfaces usually larger than 20 inches by 20 inches he paints the figure observing a city or another figure or figures.

I enjoy the liveliness  of his creatures. Its as if they are moving or dancing on the canvas.

He attended art school in China and currently lives and works in Chengdu province.

From an artistic standpoint I really enjoy his sense of design of his characters. Its as if they are on a stage, perhaps the artist was a fan of one of my favorite artists of all time, caricaturist Al Hirschfeld! They are the main stars of the stage and he paints them well in this environment.

His main concern is to state the mental psyche of the figure.  Some artists who led him to paint Surrealist were Magritte and Dali.

If you like Surrealism please check out Leonora Carrington, A British and Mexican born artist who served the  Surrealistic world well almost living to age 100 years old dying earlier in May of this year!

Happy painting!



Artist of the moment….. California painter Dennis Ziemienski…


this artist is what I would call a period painter, going not only for  a likeness but the feel of something from the 50s or 60s west coast america. Some artists working in this genre would be Peregrine Heathcoat, Lane Timothy, even Jack Vettriano. They are known for painting a time period and for this artist he concentrates on that time period but mainly in California. A wonderful illustrator to boot, the artist remembers his childhood when the family would leave San Fransisco where he grew up and travel up and down California in search of relatives and vacations.

The time period when you might see a  hot dog stand in the shape of a hot dog or an iceberg.  When people weren’t attached to corporate entities and someone just thought hey lets try a business alongside this highway and see if we can make a go of it. The true entrepreneur spirit!

The artist was born and raised in California. He attended the California School of Art and Crafts.

Has worked as an illustrator and has had many gigs including designing a Super Bowl Poster. Also worked with Levi’s and New York Times.

I enjoy this artist for taking me back to my childhood and before Sonic the best thing for me was a float from the A and W rootbeer stand! He did a great show about places existing in California on Highway 99 that was super!

Try painting a time period piece, a black and white marilyn monroe era type painting, or a sock hop. See if you can achieve not only a likeness, but try to capture the essence of the piece as well.

The artist also has done large murals as well.

Quick interview with the artist talking about his show about Highway 99.

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment…. John Taylor Arms……


this artist has long since passed away but he was an awesome etcher and left us with many drawings and prints of famous landmarks and vessels.

He was born in 1887 in Washington D.C. He later attended Princeton University and studied law. He also attended M.I.T. and studied architecture.

He joined the Navy and after World War I left to pursue etching full time.

The artist thought that man’s greatest achievement was Gothic architecture. Also among his favorite genres were churches.

The artist worked slowly and deliberately but was at the same time very prolific in his output. The level of detail is so fine in his drawings that sometimes sewing needles and magnifying glasses were used to ensure accurate marks.

The artist died in 1953 and was a member of many printmaking societies across the nation.

I enjoy this artist for his great drawing skills and his printmaking skills.  His churches and cathedrals are fantastic but so are his boats. He must have perfected them whilst serving in the Navy.

Draw your residence today for something new!

A quick clip about some college professors discussing his etching and print show at the National Gallery of Art. This man loved to draw and give print making shows, he was always ready to help a fellow artist! Awesome indeed!

Happy drawing!



Artist of the moment…. Michael Godfrey


This artist is well known for his paintings of landscapes. He was born in Germany in 1958. He grew up in North Carolina and attended college at the University of East Carolina.

One of the favorite subjects for the artist to paint are mountains, he states it helps him put things in perspective.

Recently he has been painting many seascapes and his waves are fantastic.  He paints in many sizes from 30 to 40 inches down to 5 by 7 inches.

His works were included in the Art for the Parks competition and even an Ambassador to Russia chose a piece to hang in the U.S. embassy in Moscow.

Below is a clip with some of the artist’s works set to music.

Happy painting!

Artist of the moment…Laura Blue Palmer….


great vacation but nice to be back as well with an invigorated motivation. This artist I saw while visiting the Dana Gallery in Missoula, Montana. The gallery has twice hosted the national Oil Painters of America Competition. She paints wonderful landscapes with colors that help set the mood. Mainly the mountains are in the background and in the front is a body of water reflecting the lights above.

She paints in a variety of sizes from 8 by 10 inches to 30 by 40 inches so if you like the style I am sure you can find a painting you would enjoy living with.

The artist was born and raised in Virginia. Her grandpa, whom she never knew, was a well collected area artist specializing in watercolors.

The artist went to the U. of M. as well and also attended art school in San Fransisco. She now makes her home in Bozeman, Montana.She loves the wide open spaces of the west and loves to emphasize their openness in her paintings.She has backpacked across much of the west and even Canada to find inspiration for her paintings.

As an artist I enjoy her composition and use of color to help set the mood.

Below is a link to her own website.

Try a landscape using color to set the mood and work on making a statement thru the sky. Don’t concentrate on the trees or mountains, silhouette them, and see if you can give the sky some energy!

Great to be back and happy painting!