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Artist Lalla Essaydi…

today I wanted to talk about contemporary artist Lalla Essaydi. She is a contemporary artist from Morocco born in 1956.

I love her use of the figure and calligraphy in her photos. She is a real rebel because in her part of the world only males take on the challenge of  mastery of penmenship. It takes many days and sometimes weeks for her to come up with poses. Once the models are in place she writes on the image with henna ink. Its like body paint, but with more meaning to the viewer than just WOW!

In the work entitled the Fumee  d’Ambre girl the viewer is reminded of a very similar picture painted by John Singer Sargent. So similar, but with the addition of text the picture takes a greater meaning. And the scene showing the evolution of muslim women, from covered ghost to showing their face, the younger the generation, the freer the woman/ girl seemed to be.

good to be back online!

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