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More painters of Amusement… Mark Innerst and Francis Livingston…

More painters of the ferris wheel and Boardwalk.

The first painting is by Mark Innerst, the rest are by Francis Livingston.

Artist who paint amusement parks… John Brosio…




This wonderful artist is known for his love of painting weather. On it even lists him for this. In 2008 one of his paintings of weather was included in an exhibition in Washington D.C. at the National Academy of Sciences.

Born in 1967 he first worked in the animation genre after attending college at the University California Davis.


The link shows some of the artists widely collected tornado series. Many times its as if the person depicted is oblivious to the impending doom.

The most remarkable drawing I have ever seen was by Rembrandt, he did  very nice drawing heightened with white of a flash of lightening. I still remember seeing at the Rijksmuseum. Wow!

This man came to fine art after working with George Lucas and company helping to design creatures for such films as Back to the Future 3 and Ghostbusters 2. He worked in clay, plaster, and latex.

The artists loves things that are both beautiful and dangerous!

Clip is 3 minute interview with the artist from L.A. Stories.


Draw a storm right now!


The Amusement Park Artists….. David Levine..

these next couple of posts will be about artists who paint the amusement park scene. Everything can be fine art!

The first artist is David Levine. He was born in 1926 and died in 2009. He was well respected as a caricature artist and had work published in Playboy and Esquire and numerous other magazines.  One of his favorites subjects to paint was Coney Island.  He did many watercolors of the Boardwalk and Coney Island. His work in watercolors was similar to Burton Silvermans, using the watercolor in a thicker application and using it like an acrylic so he was able to paint and correct just as an artist does for oils or acrylics. Don’t have to be so pressured to make every stroke matter as in traditional water color.


The artist was born and grew up in Brooklyn. Showing great artistic promise he even auditioned for an animator position with Disney at the age of 9! He went on to study art at Temple University and its Tyler School of Art.

For the New York Review of Books he turned in more than 3800 illustrations!

Due to macular degeneration of his eyes and blindness he didn’t really produce anything new for the review after 2007.

Here is too looking at amusements parks depicted in oils and fine art!

Smell the popcorn, candied apples, and cotton candy!

The clip below is about the artist and his paintings of presidents and celebrities from 1966 to the last presidential election.



Artist of the moment….. Brody Neuenschwander calligraphy artist…



this artist was born in Houston, Texas in 1958. When he was 8 years old he spent one year in Germany. He learned a new language and culture. In fact he became obsessed with mid evil life and culture.

The artist attended Princeton University and was on the rowing team. His interest in calligraphy led him to remake tapestries and even his master thesis was done on the writing types of mid evil manuscripts.

The artist then went to London to further his studies in writing. He began his career as an artist over in England with famous calligrapher Donald Jackson.

The artists wife is Flemish and they now live in Bruges.

The artist works mainly with oils on extremely large canvases.

here is a link to the artist website.


the only clips I could find about the artist are in french but they are interesting and its fun to put a face to a name.


write something new today!


Artist of the moment… Calligraphy artist Yousef Ahmad



this is another great artist who developed his own typography and font styles and made them seen as fine art, collectible fine art.

The artist was born in Doha in 1955. He resides now in Qatar. The artist went to college in Mills College in California finishing in 1982. He uses a variety of mixed media in his works as well as handmade paper.

He is the Director of the New Arab Art Museum in Doha.

Some of his works are found on the website below.


the youtube clip is about famed Modern Art Star T. Murikami meeting the Qatarian artist Yousef Ahmed.



more about the artist here.


keep learning new scripts!


Artist of the moment.. Calligraphy artist Mouneer Al- Shaarani



this artist is another great writer. I have no idea what is being written about, but think the line work is simply great from a design standpoint. The artist was born in Syria and graduated college from Damascus in 1977. He studied under known calligrapher master Badawi Al Dirany

He has worked as a book designer and calligraphy artist since the mid 60s.

try something new, inventing a font or type face!


keep learning!



Artist of the moment…. letter and word artist Ahmed Moualla….


continuing on the theme of typography and calligraphy I found another great artist who uses calligraphy and some great colors for unique and expressive results.

Like the previous artist, this artist was born in Syria in 1958 and went to the university of Damascus and also went to study abroad in Paris.


I enjoy the art very much despite not knowing exactly what the message his words are trying to portray. The design and color are very harmonious. His works that have to do with the figure are very emotional since only tone is provided to the viewer.  Similar to Kathe Kolwitz etchings but these are done in paints. He has been in many high end art auctions such as Sothebys.


Below is a clip of the artist working, notice the large sizes of his work. Sorry I couldn’t locate English translations but check out the works done by the artist that appear during the interview.






Artist of the moment…. Calligraphy master Khalid Al Saai



with all the bad publicity the mid east region is getting let us take a look at some artists trying to shape the world in a positive way.

This artist was born in Syria in 1970. He grew up in a house where he could see various artforms such as calligraphy, music, and painting.

By the time he was 18 he was known as a calligrapher. Perhaps more than for painting this artist is known for his use of Arabic Calligraphy.


At the first festival of International Calligraphers he won a prize for being among the 10 best. He works in oils acrylics and other mediums. It appears some of the pieces I have put here have a glossy sheen, perhaps he covers some pieces in resin when he is done. I am not sure.


He taught Arabic Calligraphy at the University of Michigan and has hosted many workshops in the states on Arabic Calligraphy.

The Thulth style of writing is used frequently by the artist. It involves making the letters into a triangle shape.


many clips of the artist working! BE READY to LEARN!





keep learning!



Artist of the moment… Beth Van Hoesen…



this artist passed away last year in 2010.  Well known for her printmaking and etching with cats, dogs, and flowers. The artist was born in 1926 in Boise and attended college at Stanford University. The artist also studied abroad in Mexico and France.


The artist can be found at the link above.

How about drawing your favorite pet or a bird today!




Artist of the moment….. Donald Sultan

This artist was born in 1951. He is known mainly as a printmaker and for using richly colored black paints in his works. He attended art college at both the Chicago Art Institute and also University of North Carolina. The artist was born in Asheville, North Carolina.

The artists’ first solo show was in 1977. He has had works in the MOMA, the Guggenheim, New York Met, and the Whitney Museum of Art.

He also helped pen a book titled Bar Mitvah with David  Mamet.

The artist also uses a wide array of media and techniques. Many of the flowers you see are made from woodcuts and silkscreens.

I appreciate the artist for doing something different with the same old thing.

Keep learning!