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Artists who paint great waterscapes…. Thomadro

Thomas Madro who signs his work Thomadro is a very creative artists using new mediums and blending new and old for some really unique pieces.  He received a Bachelors of Fine art in 1974 from the San Diego State University.

Some of his collectors are Robert DiNiro, George Bush Senior and Junior, Joe Pesci.

Not content using the oft used technique of layering paint and blending, Thomadro uses translucent and opaque acrylic paint, ink, resin, and lacquer to give much added depth to his paintings.  On his website you can see these works in his Illumini section of the website. Its as if there are 2 paintings on each canvas! Some of the time with the water he used glow in the dark materials.

The pictures above are 2 shots of the same picture taken in varying light. Enjoy!

Keep being creative and exposing yourself to new artists, we all can learn from each other.



Artists who paint great water… Navarro Montilor…

Navarro Montilor was born in the Spanish City of Alcor in 1965. He attended the university of Valencia in Spain and received a degree in economics. He also attended college for Art and got an art degree from the Ciculo de Belles Artes.

His favorite subject is the sea and the various reflections of light with the sun, especially at sunset. He’s inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

This artist shows great depth in his water paintings, I feel you can learn a lot by looking at his work and seeing the placement of dark and light values around waves.

Keep painting and learning!



Artists who paint great seascapes and bodies of water… John Stobart…

The picture titled “View from the Lieutenant River” is very similar to a field sketch he does from very nearly the same exact location, just outside of the lyme, academy in Connecticut. You can see the picture made from start to finish.

John Stobart was born in the U.K. in 1929  and attended college there. Eventually he came to love painting the seas. He is easily the highest priced and most collected marine artist working today, garnering  $600,000 for a large piece.

I came across this artist after buying a tape of his on Ebay. He produced some lessons for pbs a few years back and they are worth purchasing if you have the chance. He paints plein air with several well known marine artists such as Mike Karas, Luke Jacobsen, and Charles Movalli. I found these lessons very informative.  Buy them if you can come across them!

Mr. Stobart continues to paint and his website is .

Keep learning every day and overnight you will become successful!



hugh hefner collage….

Hugh Hefner  is my favorite celebrity. He lives life as it comes to him. He isn’t living in the past when he was a sports hero or a big time movie star, he lives and enjoys every moment of his wonderful life! Way to go Hef!

Artists who paint great water and seascapes…… JB Boyd…

a wonderful young contemporary artist who paints landscapes from unique vantage points. His main gallery is  He lives on Goat Island across from the Isle of Palms in the Barrier Islands near Charleston, South Carolina. Only about 10 year round residents live there and he is one of them.

To get his unique vantage points he climbs up a ladder and also uses a tripod. It allows him to get his really high up perspectives like looking back into the creeks from the beaches to see how they create these shapes that carve out of the grass. I also enjoy his sky paintings. He really tries to use different views of the horizon line and you might see a painting of his be 4 foot long but only 4 inches high!

The main thing he likes about his living space is the way the land curves and long and low horizon lines that stretch and curve forever.

Keep painting and learning every day and you WILL become a success overnight.



Artists who paint awesome water…… David Drummond

In 2007 Mr. Drummond received 3rd place in the Artists Magazine contest that had more than 11,000 entries. Mrs. Laura Bush also purchased some of his work and it is in the permanent White House Collection.

Mr. Drummond is known for his lush paintings that include water and the rocky terrain around Lake Powell. He was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Colorado and eventually got a doctorate in physics. He joined the airforce but loved painting even more and became a full timer in 1986.

He was a perennial entry in the Arts for the Parks while it was still going. He has a daughter that also is a painter.

He has a special technique he uses with watercolor as he pours puddles on and then manipulates the paper to give the water movement. Learn from this artist to push the light and dark contrast in the frontal part of the picture to give it depth. The foreground of his water is a great example of how a master painter does it.

One of my favorite watercolorists!

Keep painting and learning! Always more to learn, never forget that!



Artists who paint awesome water… Leigh Wen

This artist just recently got married but still uses her maiden name, if you do a google search do it for Leigh Wen and you will come across her homepage. One thing to notice about ocean and wave painters, many don’t give the water a rhythm or give it enough depth by making the water have enough darks.

This artist uses  a blend of Eastern culture having grown up in Taiwan and now living in America. The Eastern philosophy that pushes self-lessness and self-discipline against the Western world of egoism, materialism, and desire. The artist uses a stylus to put the lines in her amazing water!

A great deal is to be learned from artists who are great at a certain genre. Study the movement and color combinations the artists uses, they are really harmonious.

the artists website is and check out her fire, earth, sculpture pages you will be amazed!

As always keep painting and practicing, its the journey not the end result you need to keep in mind!

Never give up!