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Plein Aire Masters…. Camille Przewodek

This artist FANTASTIC website is

This artist is inspired by color, Monet, and Impressionism.  What I enjoy about her work is the layering of complimentary colors and also the colors she uses in her dark shapes. Many times you see summer landscape paintings that are well done and spectacular, but as for going on a wall in a house they aren’t a fit because the paintings contain too much green paint. This artist is influenced by Monet, to me its evident in the purples she uses when painting a green landscape.

The artist says the best way to learn about changing light is to paint the same landscape at different times of the day. That is why a student that wants to improve their plein aire work should watch Tim Deibler’s new dvd which he paints the same landscape at 3 different times of the day.

This artist has been in American Artist magazine and frequently appears in American Art Collector. She finished college in 1975 then went to Europe. Here she created postcard paintings to send back to the states and her love of art reached a high level of appreciation. She studied art in San Francisco with master painter Henry Hensche.

The artist believes any scene is beautiful if you look long enough.

Get out there and do some on site painting or sketching!

Keep learning!


Plein Aire Painter…. Tim Deibler…

I really enjoy the simplicity of design and the layering of complimentary colors by this artist. As a teacher, his dvd lessons are well worth adding to your collection. He paints quickly and looks for simple geometric shapes. Also, by using a limited palette when he paints, its easier to figure out what colors when layered give the effect the artist would like to achieve.

Not only is he a great artist, but he is also a fantastic self promoter  and biz man. On his website under his paintings you can see some of what he calls miniatures. I love this style of painting. Fresh and free and on a small canvas. Many  of his 5 x 7’s are only $100 or so and thru his site you can get deals on his teaching lesson dvds. He also has many 9 by 12 plein aire pieces for sale on his site as well.

This artist grew up in Oklahoma and studied with many well known area artists. He gained national recognition for his paintings entered in the know defunct Arts for the Parks program. His painting of Old Faithful landed inside the top 100 in 1997.

In Denver see his work at  In person his layering technique is impressive and his use of thick paint gives his work a bold energetic feel.

His newest dvd he paints the same scene at 3 different times of day. Very interesting!

Get out there and paint!

New series… Plein Aire Painters… Michael J. Lynch

is one of my favorite painters whose work I see regularly at in Denver on Delaware St. His work is lively and painterly and most often he makes his own frames. His use of clouds to show the roundness of the earth is great. On his own website please check out his small plein aire sketches. His use of color and composition with less than 4 main shapes is to be admired.

He was born in Colorado in 1950 and after studied in chicago but was frustrated at the modern way of painting and thinking that didn’t value realism at all. After moving back to Denver he became part of the Painting Group the Denver 7.

Take some inspiration and get out there and try painting a sunset scene. Soon the change of seasons will be upon us and you will be stuck inside your studio most days. Get out and enjoy while you can!

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Painters of cityscapes Mark Lague…

Artist website :

Mark Lague is a Canadien painter that has gained national recognition for his paintings of large urban areas. His style is unique simply because of his brush strokes. As most urban painters he is fond of painting reflections and lights and their reflections in the rain.

Mark Lague has loved to draw and still does so daily. Hooray for that ! After attending college he went on to work in the animation industry. I found that he calls himself the painter of light.  In the states that would be Thomas Kinkade, its interesting to me that both artists worked in the animation industry working on backgrounds. Both Mr. Lague and Mr. Kinkade have both come a long way since then!

He first started grabbing some national attention with his watercolours and then switched to oils in the early 2000s. If you are having some trouble getting an exciting design in your cityscapes look no further.

Also this artist paints some of the best taxi cabs you will ever see.

keep learning!


Artists painting great cityscapes…Dan Bodner

Dan Bodner is a painter based in New York City who loves to paint urban scenes. As an art admirer I enjoy the way he uses lights and darks to model the people, you know if they are male or female, general but not too descriptive. The movement of the people is interesting as well. They are many times waiting to move forward at a crosswalk. The energy is captured perfectly.

In the mid 1980s Bodner got interested in painting the figure while in Amsterdam. He painted the figure in space for many years while living in Amsterdam for more than one decade. In 2005 upon returning to New York City he became excited about painting the figure in urban spaces and thus came his new style.

The artist studied at the University of Wisconsin and also the Art Students League of New York.

Many more posts coming, have been having computer difficulties! Keep learning daily!

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