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  1. Mel Said:

    Thank you for taking a look at my work and the time to write your impressions.

  2. Ki Vault Said:

    Your work?

  3. nannus Said:

    Could you maybe at some time post something about the history and background of the Inuit art? This is obviously your special field of expertise. It would be interesting to get some background. Does this art have any ancient roots or is it an exclusively modern development?

    • diattaart1 Said:

      Although the Inuits have recently came to art world in the last century, not much is known about their history before James Houston came. He was the Canadian who got tired of the city life and went to live with the Inuits for what turned out to be more than a decade. He received a small gift of a carving from an Inuit and then he had the idea to use art as a way to make up for the revenue lost with the death of the fur trade and trapping industry.

      I appreciate all forms of art that is why I try to take some time to talk about photography, street art, installation art like Christian Marclay, I love the idea of creation and inspiration. The Inuits live in what many would say is a very harsh environment, yet still find the time and the love to make art.

      I did a long posting on Houston as he was the bridge that led the world to the Inuits.For street artists, there are quite a few that have been to art school and exposed to much art especially now with the internet. The Inuits just learned from each other. You have this multiple generations of artists like the Toonoo. I like to think of the Inuits as the NIKE ARTISTS. They took the words JUST DO IT! and Did it. In the Cape Dorset community it is around 40,000 people and around 10% of inhabitants make their living in the art industry. Where I live its around .001% I just love the way the Inuits respect art and have used it to greatly improve their life, thus my fascination!


      • nannus Said:

        Thank you, this is interesting information. I see a little bit of a parallel to sculptures of the Shona in Zimbabwe.

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