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New Collage by me…….. In Honor of the Antiques Roadshow….

I don’t keep with the Kardashians and don’t watch any weekly shows other than the Antiques Roadshow and Modern Family. It is so much pleasure to watch someone like Leigh or Leslie Keno talk about something you might think of as boring, they make it fascinating. I remember seeing Mr. Keno talk about an old sugar chest. It used to be kept under lock and key. Its very interesting to see how he comes up with dates and locations to where furniture was made. I wanted to make some furniture of my own in honor of the great work they do on the Antiques Roadshow.

I always shoot pictures of my collage work in the light and dark as the paper I use in some parts is highly reflective in some places. The chair shimmers best in low darkness, due to the reflective properties of the paper.

In addition, if you watch the Roadshow I hope you have seen the episode on the hit television series “Frasier.” It is hilarious as Martin the dad owns a bear clock that came from the Romanoff Family. The Crane family thinks they are now blue bloods.

Since I watch business news channels most of the time such as CNBC, and the Keno Brothers appeared on this channel in a new series titled “Buried Treasure.” The brothers visit old and abandoned houses. The episode I saw the brothers went to a house where the owner had passed away. The brother wanted someone to come in, sell the good stuff  and give it to his children.

I like to think of the collectors house as being a form of living art. I wanted this collector to live in a old mansion, but with modern looking accessories, like the rug. This collector is in their 50’s and enjoys the art deco period the most. A favorite artist of this collector is Erte.

Artist of the moment…….Betty Woodman

Betty Woodman is an American artist born in Norwalk, Connecticut in the year 1930. Woodman works with ceramics and her work is very colorful and playful. For Woodman the vase and/or vesell  is the subject in many of her works. As you see in the clips she works in very large format. For her artistic education Woodman attended the School for American Craftsmen at Alfred University.

Woodman also blends different types and styles of vessels. In her work we can see influences from Chinese and even Greek civilizations.

Betty Woodman married artist George Woodman. Below an example of his style. George Woodman works with photographs and hand touches them with oil paints to get his unique stylish look.


The couple had a daughter and a son, the daughter was just about to start a career in the art world as a photographer. After getting some rejections early on in her career, she suffered from depression and during an extreme bout jumped from a window to her death at the age of 22 years old. She will be an upcoming entry soon.

The artist spent time abroad in Italy where she learned to work with clay.

In this clip we look an installation by Betty Woodman done for the United States Embassy located in Beijing, China:

In this clip we see many ceramic works by Betty Woodman. The works are much larger than I first thought:

Betty Woodman splits her time in New York City and Italy.

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Artist of the moment……Cliff Fragua

Cliff Fragua is a Native American artist born in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. For his artistic education Fragua attended the Institute of American Indian Arts where he studied sculpting. Fragua then attended the San Francisco Institute of Art. Fragua also studied stone sculpture abroad in Italy.

Fragua works with alabaster as a first medium but also works with stone and bronze.

In this clip Cliff Fragua talks about developing his style whilst at art school. Many samples of his work are shown:

The National Statuary Hall is a room in the United States Capital Buildings that is wholly dedicated to the art of capturing important American figures with the art of sculpture. Cliff Fragua is the Native American artist included in this collection.

A link to the website of Cliff Fragua:

In this last clip the artist talks about preparing and installing a very large sculpture:


Artist of the moment…..Ernest Neto

Ernest Neto was born in Rio De Janiero, Brazil in the year 1964. Neto works as a painter, sculptor, and photographer. For sculpting he uses a variety of materials but is renown for his use of soft sculptures. These are made with a fabric material that Neto fills with other items including spices. Too bad SMELLAVISION doesn’t exist, the dream of chef tv host Emeril LaGasse, some of the very large sculptures by Neto are stuffed with spices.

For his artistic education Neto attended the school of visual arts located in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The artist doesn’t mind people touching his artwork. Yikes! His museum size installations are very large in scale and can take up floor space, but he will then create the structure and have it reach the ceiling. In this clip we see a sculpture by Neto made to feel as if the viewer was walking through the inside of an earthworm. Very creative!

First exhibition was in 1988 in Brazil.

First international exhibition was in 1996.

In this clip an interview with the artist discussing his artwork:

Ernest Neto is based out of Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

In this clip a very interesting storyline. Neto is sought after by a running group to create a work of art. He succeeds and his results are unusual. He creates a sort of web that the runners can stretch out in and relax.

Neto represented Brazil at the Venice Biennale in 2003.

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