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Artist of the Moment…… German watercolor artist Martin Eder



The artist was born in Germany in 1968. He is known for his large scale watercolors of the female figure. The artist did all of his academic training in Germany. Currently the artist lives and works in Berlin.

The artist has several motifs such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds. Even scantily clad women. He is considered among the greatest of the contemporary German art scene.The artist was well known outside of Germany, but now has established himself worldwide.

All youtube clips were in german so I will leave them out for now!


Try a watercolour figure today! Try something new  like a new medium instead of paper use claybord or aquabord. Apply the paint differently.

keep learning!




Artist of the moment… Brazilian Mixed Media Artist Henrique Oliveira



This artist is creative in his works, I don’t even know what to call the pieces. A sort of sculpture with varying colors.

Below is a youtube clip about the artist discussing his work on a show called gallery talk


His main works now are large scale installations he makes from discarded word and building materials. Early on he mixed glue and paint and sometimes sand. While he was a student he noticed the wood decaying and falling apart that was covering a building project.  He loved the decay and the coloring. He used the wood and made his first signature installation from it.

The artist calls the works tridimensionals.

The artist works mainly from woods gathered outside his studio in Sao Paulo.

The artist was in Boulder yesterday for a show opening and you can read about it here

He also paints vibrant acrylic and abstract works.

Keep learning!


peace portfolio…

Artist of the moment…Pedro Friedeberg…


This artist was born in 1937 in Florence, Italy.  The artist does work in a variety of mediums including watercolor as well as making furniture.  The artist moved to Mexico when a young boy and eventually studied with Mathias Goeritz, a famous German Mexican artist. It was the artist Goeritz that made drawing architecture objects both real and fictional the main output of his artistic ability.

In 1960 the artist was invited to join a group that painted anti art for arts sake.

The artist was a fluid maker of all types of furniture including love seats, sofas, tables, and unique carved chairs.

I consider the artist’s style to be surrealism, he is a mixture of Escher and Dali! Rock on !


paintings and pictures of the artist



Try a surreal peace today!


Artist of the moment… Calligraffiti inventor Niels Shoe Meulman…



artist is a modern contemporary artist born in Amsterdam in 1967. He is known for being a writer, artist, visual performer. The artist has pieces in both the Stedelijick museum in Holland and also San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The artist was a euro graffiti star by the time he was 18 years. Taking a cue from the graffiti artists in New York City that came to Amsterdam. Some of them were DONDI, Rammellzee,Haze, Quick, and Keith Haring. With Bando from Paris and Mode2 from London he formed his first crime gang of graffiti.

The artist worked in the commercial and design field in the early 90s.

The artist has a great book out titled Calligraffiti.

The link above is for the artists’ own website.

Here is short brief essay about the artist preparing for a show in Amsterdam.


The reason why I love this artist is because he has combined the modernism of graffiti with the talent of calligraphy. Many times I doubt passers by can read graffiti, but this artist work is highly legible to anyone.


try some text in your paintings today!



Artist of the moment….. mixed media artist Jose Parla…



this artist is quite amazing! He is similar to calligrapher Dennis Brown whom you can find at  Mr. Brown uses calligraphy and sometimes uses glass to tell a story building up the layers. Jose Parla uses calligraphy in a similar manner by using calligraphy on materials built to look like inner city walls and buildings.

A palimpsest is a manuscript from a scroll or a book that has been scraped off and ready to use again. This is the look that the artist is trying to achieve.

The color and the abstractedness of his work is really exciting. Just a touch of everything, spattered paint, controlled paint, loose paint.

Other artist using text I enjoy are Ed Ruscha and Mel Bochner, but I find Mr. Parla’s line to be quite thrilling with its thick and thin paint its as if Jackson Pollack learned how to write.

Mr. Parla was born in the U.S. to parents who were on exile from Cuba. He was  first a tagger in Miami going by the name of  Ease.

Below are some Youtube clips about the artist



how about adding some text to a painting. Write sun in a nice lettering style and go wild. Splash paint, move paint around, get it on your plastic gloves on your hands! And just for fun put some on the end of your nose! Be a kid for a short moment and just enjoy creating!



Good job!



Artist of the Moment…. Mark Innerst……..


this artist is one of my favorite painters of the cityscape. The artist is well known and collected for his paintings of New York City and Philadelphia. He was born in 1957 in New York and earned his B.F.A. from a college in Pennsylvania in 1980. The artist now lives and paints in Cape May, New Jersey.

The artist is known for his layering of paint as well as paintings of the New Jersey amusement parks and Manhattan skyline. Despite being small in stature they are appreciated for their high level of skill and difficulty.

Other artists who paint awesome cityscapes are John Salminem, Daniel Sprick, and Mark Lague.

I recommend taking a few pictures of a certain area before painting it, ESPECIALLY FROM LIFE. In a busy downtown scene its easy to be overwhelmed with information.

keep learning!



Artist of the Moment… African American Artist John Biggers…



Mr. John Biggers was born in 1924. He was from the school of social realism. He dealt with the struggles of the everyday person of color. The artist was gifted in linocuts, lithography, and also oils and acrylics. He died in 2001. He specialized in creating extremely large canvases and was a well known and respected painter of murals.

The artist came to prominence during the Harlem Renaissance. He was born in North Carolina, attended school at the Hampton Institute and also Penn State where the artist earned a doctorate in 1954. He founded the art department at what is now known as  Texas Southern University.

His most famous piece is called shotguns, describing the shotgun houses owned by negroes and this was sold at auction for 216,000 in 1987, a record for the artist.

Below is an excerpt from a show the artist gave in Philly in 2000.

Artistically the most fascinating aspect of his work is the fun designs he draws instead of drawing hair, very interesting design patterns!

keep learning!




Artist of the Moment…. Andy Moses….




The artist was born in Southern California in 1962. He is known for simple complex and concave abstract landscapes. The use of color and movement is significant in this artists’ work.  The artist is influenced by the English painter J.M.W. Turner, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollack. He tries to find different ways of using paint to express the beauty of natural.

The artist attended Cal Arts and finished there in 1982.

The viewer gets a feeling of being free, floating above the ground as if suspended above an enormous field of color.

The artist uses convex and concave canvases to give his works a sculptured look and also to give more movement.  He uses acrylic paints and the iridescent colors shift depending on where you view them, you always feel as if you are seeing something for the first time.

The clip below is about the artist explaining his technique

This artist is great because he uses color and not only tone to relate the landscape to the viewer! Try a scene from google earth or another source above the earth and see what you can do!



Artist of the moment… Street Artist JonOne…


this artist is great to talk about since we are observing black history month. This artist is french/ american and was born in Harlem in 1963.  The artist now lives and works in Paris. He was founder of a graffiti group All Starz 156.

He started tagging with his friend white man.  To quote the artist, the subway is a museum that runs through the city.

He started exhibiting in Paris in 1990. His most expensive piece was in 1993 in Paris where a piece called Match Point went for 24,800 Euro. so nearly 30,000 us dollars.

The artist interviewed on CBS Sunday this Morning in 2009

An interview with the artist in 1999 is here, awesome really insightful!

This artist talks about tagging early on and even stealing paint supplies! He is really candid and appreciative for the ability to create!

keep learning!



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