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Artist of the moment…. Americana landscape painter Bruce Cody

I really enjoy this artist as he tries to keep alive the restaurants and buildings of the past that have long since seen better days. Its similar to driving across the southwest on Route 66.  In many of his paintings he also uses typography. Most artist that are good at letter design are also great illustrators of buildings as they are used to making straight lines slightly leaning forward or backward, giving the buildings character.

The artist was born and grew up in Wyoming. His father was a sign painter and he often helped him create his signs, thus giving the artist tremendous inspiration.

He also was a founding member of the Art Students League in Denver and helped to start many other artists’ careers. Among other interesting jobs he was also a courtroom sketch artist.

As for education he studied art in Laramie, Wyoming. After getting a BFA he went on to Washington State where he received a masters degree in art. He also studied art abroad in London at the St. Martin’s School of Art.

I enjoy this artist for his retro look and snapshots of the past!

Try painting the oldest restaurant in your city today!

Artist of the moment…. Landscape painter Victoria Adams…

this artist is just great.  She paints with oils and wax on linen mainly painting scenes with the sky as the focus with a small horizon line.  Having never seen her work in person I am curious if the viewer can see the wax build up and how it is used in the painting, for mountains for trees?  Many of her paintings have excellent compositions in that she uses a square, but makes you feel as if you are looking at a rectangle. Extremely difficult to do.

The artist was born in 1950. She lives in Seattle and gets most of her inspiration from the landscape of the Northwest. Having lived in the Northwest most of my life and her visions ring true.

Style wise the artist is similar to Keith Jacobshagen who also employs dramatic skies mixed with the low horizon lines of the midwestern states like Indiana or Iowa.

Below is an interview with the artist at the Tacoma Art Museum where she discusses her painting methods.

Get outside and try a skyscape today, try to control the blues as much as you can and make sure and use complementary colors.



artist of the moment…. landscape master Raphaella Spence

this artist is well known for her panoramic paintings of landscapes,many times painted from the air.

The artist was born in England in 1978. The artist lives and works in Umbria, Italy.

Shows at the Louis Meisel Gallery. Link is below.

Next time you are in a plane snap a few pics and try making some paintings from them.


Artist of the moment… Brazilian mixed media artist Beatriz Milhazes

this artist makes really bright and vibrant works done for limited editions in print. She was born in Brazil in 1960.  Her parents were both educated as one was a lawyer and the other an art historian. She was born in Rio De Janiero in 1960.  She studied social communication and arts in her high school years.

The artist has had numerous solo and group shows including the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

She works mainly in acrylics and other mediums suitable for printing.

Here is a link to one of her galleries, around 26 images are on the site so its quite a find.

A wonderful interview with the artist.

keep workin!

News about AI Wei Wei

on the bloomberg it went by that AI Weiwei was able to receive a visit from his wife. At least he is from as its been awhile!

Artist of the moment… landscape and figure painter Dan McCaw….

This artist also has 2 sons that have painterly careers.

Dan is known for painting Impressionistic works of figures in subdued or hazy light. McCaw was born in 1942 in Butte, Montana.  The artist went to college at the San Francisco Academy of Art and the Art Center of Design in Los Angeles.

He gave praise to the Ab Ex movement as well as certain painters like Klimt for not just painting what was in front of him but painting feeling  as well.

I love the fast bold bravado brush strokes used by the artist.

If you ever get the chance to see this artists’ work in person please do so. The layering of colors in person is so impressive!



Have you seen Artist Ai Weiwei???

This is perhaps the most famous person in contemporary art other than Damien Hirst. A longtime critic of Chinese law he has been missing for couple of weeks now.  We knew this circumstance would happen, his father was a well known poet who talked down the communist system and Ai Weiwei had to watch his father do meaningless tasks just to get the family buy.

Ai himself studied Art in Beijing, but left for the United States in 1982 for more opportunities stateside.

He also helped design the birds nest olympic stadium for the last olympics alongside some famous Swiss architects.

He can be followed on twitter most of the time, though everyone is wondering what the hell the government did to him as he has gone missing and not showing up for openings, which are small celebrations that turn into large events now that he is so well known thru out the Contemporary Art Scene.

The photo that looks like a bunch of sunflower seeds, each seed was had made was included in an installation that was changed as people were to walk thru the seeds, but this made too much dust. Small 200 pound bags of the stone are available and go at auction for around 550,000 dollars. The seeds are made out of porcelain and more than 1600 artists of the artists’ hometown were used for the project! Kudos for giving work to other artists. Another Warhol and Murikami in the making!

He moved back to china in 1993 after his father became sick. While in the states he studied at Parsons School of Design.

His florals are quite breath taking, the dresses are made of ceramic and look lifelike and full of color.

The artist also won awards for helping design a house in New York.

keep your eyes open and post  if you see anything!

Artist of the moment…. Landscape master Jose Barbera

This artist is amazing for his portrayal of light on sand alongside traditional Spanish architecture.  He was born in Valencia Spain in 1945, at the age of 10 he started painting. At a gallery it is listed 1948, but in the American Art Collector magazine it said 1945 so I will go with that.

I love well painted houses. Not technically correct with too much information, but just enough to give the viewer an idea and let the viewer finish the painting. His beach scenes are spectacular. For vivid beaches I love Stephen Scott Young or Winslow Homer, but if you desire to see heavily thickly painted beaches in oil, this artist is great to study!

Sadly he passed away in 2005. He also loved to paint roses and would place them against a simple and sometimes textured background.

He finished his training in 1973 and started to paint professionally then.

He was collected in the U.S., Japan, Holland, and Saudi Arabia. His play on light on sand is just outstanding! And design simple, easily read by the viewer, and you can even feel the hot humid spray of the beach if you are close enough to one his paintings!

This artist inspires me to paint houses, not like the cookie box houses I see in the suburbs, but small individual houses with bright colors you see in the Caribbean.

find a style of building you like, I prefer older textured buildings, and get to it. Another person to study for buildings is Joseph Cisquillop who also paints Spanish style architecture but he uses an acrylic mix that can be made to look like weathered rock and stone.



Artist of the moment…. Fab 5 Freddy…

If you used to watch MTV back in the days of music videos and awesome friday nights with Fab 5 Freddy and Yo MTV Raps! you will remember this guy as the first host of the music show  Yo MTV Raps! He was a  good friend of taggers Keith Haring and Basquiat. Born and raised in Brooklyn for awhile this artist just turned to filming all sorts of modern art, dance, hip hop, breakdancing.

I saw him recently in the magazine Juxtapose and his work reminds me of Mickalane Thomas.  Whereas Thomas uses a projector to get her photo just right for painting, then she adds rhinestones.  Fab 5 uses a photograph and puts on rhinestones on over the top.

A link to artists website.

This artist was born in 1959. As a teenager his graffiti group was called the Fabulous 5.  He was very influential in bringing hip hop to everyone in the country, he helped bring it outside of the ghettos and into suburban america. The artist helped producte the movie Downtown 81 about Jean Michel Basquiat and his daily life as well as Wild Style about graffit artist Lee Quinones.

In the video Rapture by Blondie the artist appeared making graffiti. Rapture was the first hip hop rap culture video to be shown on MTV.

He was also counts New Jack City among his acting credits.

This artist is just so good at everything, hard not to be inspired by him!

The artist talking about his works!



Death of Master Artist Clark Hulings…

This painter is simply one of the best of his generation. He was born in 1922 in Florida and raised in New Jersey. Among his teachers were Frank Reilly and George Bridgeman whom he studied with at the Art Students League of New York. The artist from time to time would take sketching classes as well as give guest lectures, I have included some clips and you can buy them on DVD I believe.

The artist had a gift for making art but didn’t like the various demands of the sitters he turned to illustration.  Later in life he found inspiration in the simple things and tasks in life we all do. Going to the market, saturday market or farmers market, washing clothes, gathering flowers, and of course his favorite animal to paint, the burro. He lived also in Spain and other parts of Europe leading to his love of people doing their daily chores. The common bonds of life so to speak.

I remember reading that he often drew first with a felt tipped pen and then added color. In person it would be awesome to see way the paint was laid on. If you have a chance to view this artists’ work please do so.

The above link is to his own site, this page takes a minute or 2 to load but is well worth it. I greatly admire his drawing of clusters and groups of people.

Below is a clip of the artist from an Art Students League demo talking about drawing the figure with George Bridgeman.

The artist just passed away in February of this year and his paintings will be missed greatly.

He was the first winner of the National Academy of Western Art Prix de West.

try a drawing or painting at your farmers market today!



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