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Awesome Acrylic Artists….. Gus Heinze…


This is a great artist that was born in Germany in 1926. He is best known for his photo realistic style and painting of reflection.

Studied at the Art Students League of New York.

The artist worked as a commercial artist in the 50s and 60s. In the 1970s he moved to Vermont and started painted hyper realistic works of the time period. Notice the Cadillac reflection piece, many works like this were done of New York. Using small parts from cars and motorcycles.

In 1978 he moved to California and started painting store fronts.

I enjoy this artist as his technique and end product are great. Especially enjoying are his reflection pieces, I always look for myself in the works!

He works with acrylics on canvas, gessoed board, and sometimes masonite.

Has had many shows at Bernarducci Meisel gallery in New York.

Happy painting!



Awesome Acrylic Artists…..Gretchen Gammell….


this artist loves to paint the female figure. I enjoy her whimsical paintings.  Her characters are drawn simply, but display much emotion to the viewer. Even the hair is sometimes blowing in the wind.  From a color standpoint the artist is quite bold making wonderful background patterns that remind me of Gustav Klimt.

Below is a link to one gallery representing the artist.


The artist works mainly with acrylics on canvas.

The artist was born in 1980.

The artist resides in the northwest.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Michael Wilkinson

A short clip showing the various angles of a sculpture by the artist. Its great to see the play of life from different views.



This artist makes fantastic sculptures cast with acrylics and resin.  Mainly of the female figure. Great likenesses and hair that looks as if it is moved by the wind, very lifelike.

The artist was born in California and his first career was as an architect  in New York City.  When he first started sculpting it was with bronze as a medium. Then in 1985 he switched to casting in acrylic and resin, at that time a very modern way to see the world. The results are spectacular.

His sculptures are more dreamlike than you would see in a bronze. You don’t get the whole body, always some part of the body is left to the viewer to imagine.He likes for the pieces to be viewed from all sides, with no back or front side.

A link to a gallery representing the artist is below.

This artist is one of my favorites when it comes to the female form, the medium so fresh and looking to be explored. Thanks to this artist for allowing me to view his world in this dreamlike manner.

Happy painting!




Awesome Acrylic Artists…..Hubert Lartique…

This fellow uses the airbrush but had posted more than 20 videos on youtube that show the various steps.  These are some great lessons to learn.  For me the best part of the lesson was seeing the process of making the eyes look so wet and at the same time highly structured.

Another process clip showing the painting of the woman with an ice cube in her mouth.



He is French of course and also paints mainly with acrylics using an airbrush on canvas. I love the control he shows with the airbrush in the small details. The moistness of the lips, the wetness of an eyeball, even the warmth of skin are brought to life by this artist.

He was born in France in 1963.

Did his post high school studying in a mechanical engineering program.

Since 1989 has worked as an illustrating making various packaging designs.

I like to think of the artist as a modern day Vargas! I enjoy his paintings of the female form and the different textured he produces on each painting. He also paints quite large, many portraits having sizes around 50 inches.

Try a figure painting today!


Awesome Acrylic Artist Series….. John K. Harrell


I enjoy this artist for his versatility. And although I LOVE acrylic paints, in fact I love all mediums for the reason they allow you to express your thoughts, I have listed artist who are hyper realistic in their painting. This artist has a looser, almost oil painting like quality. I read about him in a magazine around Christmas and sometimes he just paints with palette knives, no brushes at all.

He is most known for his cityscapes. If you visit his blog you can see that he lists work on the daily painters site. I found several very nice works for $135 with the cost of shipping included. The artist is a great also and painting dogs!

Flowers, dogs , and landscapes all are brought to life by the artist.

The artist was inspired by his grandma, who sometimes painted right along side him. That is what got me started into art, watching grandma paint and draw.

The artist was born in New Mexico and attended college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. He also took classes at the art students league.

He has won numerous awards and appeared in national art publications.

I enjoy the artist for the fact he isn’t afraid to paint any subject.  He works mainly in pastels and acrylics and has won awards for both. In many corporate and private collections!  If you are just starting an art collection this artist should be on top of your list!   For those artist struggling to add life to the still life, I have had so much trouble with this, take a lesson from this artist or Marc Dennis or Rachel Ruycsch and go ahead and add some bugs or insects to the work. Give it some life and movement!

Keep painting and learning! The journey is the fun of being an artist.



Awesome Acrylic Artist series… Melissa Chandon…

Clip featuring the artist in 2009. She talks about some paintings and her unique style of composition.


Another clip with the artist’s work set to music. The artist gives painting tours and you can find a link to her website via the video.



this artist has what I like to think of as a “California Pop Art” style to her work.   She paints visions I would expect to see or think about when I think about going away for a weekend at the coast in California. Maybe even some buildings you might have seen along the old Route 66!  Similar in genre to Dennis Ziemenski, who also paints themes from the 60s 70s of California scene mainly in oils. Also Robert Townsend is another artist who paints this idea in watercolor mainly.  Chandon was also a student of painter Wayne Thiebaud.

The artist was born in 1952 in Biloxi, Mississippi. The artist paints landscapes or large vacation items like a car made for going to the beach, a volkswagen van, or even a trailer house. Gets inspiration from memories of trips made by her family to the beach when she was young.

BA from Santa Clara University. Also went to college in Minnesota and the State College of New York.

Working on MFA at the Art Institute of Boston.

I enjoy this artist for lively compositions and use of color. Even though no human is present in her pictures, the viewer gets the idea they are all alone in the scene. Her use of bright colors in the under painting also help push the subject off the canvas. Her skies from a distance are usually one solid color blue sometimes even purple, but upon closer inspection the viewer is happily delighted at the buffet of colors the exist just below the first layer of paint.

The artist works in acrylics on birch panel.  Sometimes there is a marine finish. The artist has appeared in many nationally known magazines about art.

What I like most about her work is that it makes me happy! Be happy today!

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artists….. Angela Hardy…


this is a really hot artist coming from Canada.  She has a great variety in her works, and her blog often has many smaller pieces for sale. Anything from small drawings and these wonderfully painted 6 by 6 inch paintings of people.  On the site she also has specials such as buy 2 get one 1 free. This artist has loads of talent, and becoming more of a businessperson all the time.

Some of her large figures are done acrylics on board and some are as large as 4 by 4 feet!

She was born and grew in Canada and obtained BFA in Canada as well. Has sold 2 works to Chicago collector Howard Tullman.

I enjoy this artist for her very contemporary settings that she places people in. I hope you visit her website and you can see the tremendous skill that goes into designing small works that 6 by 6 inches. The amount of detail seen in these works is extraordinary.A link to the artist’s website.



Below is a clip talking with the artist in Labrador West in Canada in 2010. The artist is from the area and interviews her prior to her workshop. She also mentions being sought after by Howard Tullman.

Another 2 and half minute clip featuring works by the artist set to music, no interviews.








Awesome Acrylic Artists…… Erin Cone….


if you read any of the monthly art magazines you might be familiar with this artist. She paints in acrylics on canvas. Painting one figure on each canvas and filling the rest of the space with delightful patterns and geometric shapes. From time to time instead of using a female figure she will use a hand.

The artist was born in 1976 in Lubbock, Texas.

BFA from University of Texas in Austin, 1998.

Has appeared in both American Art Collector and Southwest Art magazine.

If you like great figure work, check out the work of this artist!

Happy painting!


Acrylic Artists feature…… Figure artist Bernardo Torrens….




this artist is awesome! My favorite when it comes to depicting the female form with acrylics! He paints in oils as well, but only the last work shown here is an oil painting.  The rest are acrylic on wood.

The artist was born in 1957 in Madrid, Spain.

Of all the works made by the artist I enjoy the black and white nudes the most. Very sensual and the viewer is able to add colors as they like. Also interesting are the different twists of the body. If you enjoy this artists work you may also want to check out watercolor master Steve Hanks.

Also enjoyable as that the viewer can dwell only on one figure. There aren’t many emotions of different characters in his works, just a solitary figure.  The artist also is part of a dying breed of artists, one that uses the airbrush! Having used the airbrush myself, I am amazed at the control the artist used to depict his wonderful figures.

From my research it appears the artist is basically self taught. For me the artist, a successful artist be they in fine art or illustration are all self taught. You can’t just get art info in class, that might be where the seed is planted but an artist must keep reading of both past and current mediums and artists in order to always be growing.

Clip featuring the artist during 2009 show in New York City.

More artwork featuring the artist here.


If you haven’t tried an acrylic work, DO SO TODAY!






New Series…Artists that use Acrylics…. Wang Ziwei…

This artist paints very large faces with acrylics on canvas. Sometimes  a side of his canvas may be upwards of 70 inches.   The artist is a leader in the Political Pop genre of painting. This movement speaks of the industrialization and westernization of the China. One of the artists in this movement said he noticed the connection between govt and big business many years ago whilst looking at a photo of peasant workers. They were relaxing enjoying a coca cola! A regular advertisement for the beverage company!

Such themes of Political Pop are sometimes pop icons like Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol, and even the Chairman Mao.

The artist was born in 1963 in China and still resides there. Not much info on the artist yet.  I will be writing about 50 acrylic artist in the next few posts. So many new artists out there challenging this exciting new medium!  Each of the works shown above are acrylics on canvas.


Keep experimenting!


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