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Artist of the moment…..James Kalm….also known as Loren Munk

Happy New Year!

So James Kalm and the Kalm report are often referred to when we visit art shows on this website. James Kalm is the internet name for the artist Loren Munk. Munk was born in the year 1951. Munk is based out of Brooklyn New York and is also a curator. His work has something for everyone from great use of color, to various types of text and letters, and even maps.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Kalm’s youtube channel featured here often shows the artist traveling by bike to shows across the Brooklyn area.

In this clip we visit a show featuring Loren Munk from 2011:

Here we view an interview with Loren Munk talking about a show he curated:

Here a link to the website of Loren Munk:

Artist of the moment……Wayne Alfred

Wayne Alfred was born in Alert Bay which is located on Vancouver Island, Canada in the year 1958. Alfred is renown for his carvings of masks. Wayne Alfred represents the Kwakwaka’wakw tribe of First Nations of Canada.

The artist has seven siblings.

Moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1986 when he was commissioned to help carve a large totem pole for Stanley Park. For those of you who haven’t visited Vancouver, Stanley Park is the second largest public park in North America behind Central Park located in New York City. This commission was completed with the help of artist Beau Dick.

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $10,000. Alfred produces carvings and also jewelry.


Artist of the moment…….Ito Takumi

Ito or Itow Takumi is an internationally renown printmaker born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in the year in 1946. For his subject matter Takumi enjoys painting scenes that one would find in the smaller countryside locations. These include festivals and similar local events.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Takumi is president of the Japanese Print Society.

Takumi also teaches woodblock printing at Waseda University located in Tokyo, Japan.

The artist has had works appear on postage stamps.

Happy Holidays…..A Gift for my Grandparents!

Below is a work I just completed yesterday. The title is MY GRANDPARENT’S KITCHEN TABLE.

So many holiday meals have been shared at this table, but I wanted the kitchen to appear as it does most of the year, without any decorations and my grandparents usual seats.

Its a paper collage that measures 12 by 12 inches.

And below is a beagle that I painted in the 7th grade for my grandparents present. I painted it in 1989. What a wonderful journey its been!

2013-12-26 07.31.00

I will be posting regularly again next week after my holiday break is over.

Try and keep creating even though its the holidays!


Artist of the moment…. Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich was born in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire in the year 1874. He came from a well to do aristocrat family, his father a renown notary public. Roerickhwas a painter, writer, set and costume designer, and even nominated for the Nobel Peace prize on more than one occasion as he fought to preserve art and architecture during times of war and revolution. I was reminded of Iraq and Egypt during their revolutions, and how the museums were among the first locations to be looted. Roerich fought hard to keep this from happening around the globe.

For his collegiate education Roerich attended Saint Petersburg University where he studied law. In addition he studied art at the Imperial Academy. After college he decided to try art for a career and found employment teaching school for eleven years.

The artist visited New York City in 1920 and would spend time in Arizona and Sante Fe working on landscapes. He was famous for his mountain scenes, for me these are the artist at his best. Great representation but at the same time speaking a lot with his artistic voice, MAGNIFICENT!

Roerich traveled the globe and lived in India and China.

Nicholas Roerich passed away in 1947.

price range information: His works are in high demand so even pencil works can cost upwords of $50,000. Oil paintings have sold for more than 1 million dollars at auction.

In this clip a great selection of works from Nicholas Roerich:

Artist of the moment….Manuel Marin

Manuel Marin was born in Cieza, Spain in the yea 1942. I like to think of Marin’s work as very similar to Alexander Calder’s mobile works. Marin worked in very large public sized formats.

Marin’s first love was bullfighting. He loved the sport and began fighting by himself when he was sixteen. At the age of 20 he moved to London, England to work in a gallery. At this gallery Marin was able to meet Henry Moore, the world famous sculptor already profiled here, who hired Marin as an assistant.

Marin passed away in 2007.

Price range information: Most non public sized works range from four to twenty thousand dollars.

This artist created some very fun and exciting shapes which are great to see in three dimensions.


Artist of the moment…..Dane Chanase

Dane Chanase was a painter renown for his modernist style. Dane Chanase was born in Palermo, Italy in the year 1894. In addition to painting Chanase was also an avid printmaker.

Dane Chanase was also married to an artist named Sheva Ausubel. Ausubel was a textile artist and member of the National Academy of Design. Both husband and wife took part in the W.P.A. arts programs. 

Chanase was part of World War One fighting for the United States.

The artist was based out of Brooklyn, New York for most of his lifetime.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Dane Chanase passed away in 1975.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Chanase is part of the Smithsonian Collection.


Artist of the moment…..Ablade Glover

Ablade Glover was born in Accra, Ghana in the year 1934. Glover is among the most popular living African artists. He works with thick paint and warm colors trying to capture the heat and atmosphere of the continent alongside the energy of the very large masses of people.

In this clip a great interview with Ablade Glover that begins with how he became an artist:

For his collegiate education Ablade Glover studied at The University of Art and Science and Technology located in Kumasi, Ghana. Glover also attended the Central School of Art and Design located in London,England. Glover also attended the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. The artist also attended school in the United States at Kent State in Kent, Ohio and Ohio State University located in Columbia, Ohio.

Glover is collected internationally including the Prince and Princess of Japan.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $20,000.


Artist of the moment….Annie Pootoogook

Annie Pootoogook also comes from a long line of artists, her grandmother was Pitseolak Ashoona, one of the first prolific Inuit artists who specialized in drawing. Annie Pootoogook was born in Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1969. She enjoys drawing her surroundings and daily life. Her mother was also a prolific artist named Napachie. Its great to look back and compare the work of Annie to her mother and grandmother.

Price range information: Works range from $500 to $2000 for prints. She works in small sizes of 50 for most prints.

The artist won a $50,000 prize given to a promising up and coming Canadian artist in 2006. This award is called the Sobey Arts Award.

In this clip a short interview with the artist at a time when was pregnant and homeless. At the end she shows a recent drawing:

Her grand mother Pitseolak Ashoona made more than 7,000 drawings over her lifetime. She was born in 1904 and below some examples of her style. Pitseolak Ashoona illustrated some children’s books.

Her mother was the artist Napachie, was born in 1938 and lived in the Cape Dorset area  a majority of her life. Below an example of her style.

I love artistic families and this one is no exception. With three generations of celebrated artists I am reminded of the Wiggins family and the family of Antoine Blanchard who both produced artists that depicted their surroundings of New York City and Paris, France.


Artist of the moment…..Balthus

Balthus was born Balthasar Klossowski de Rola in Paris , France in the year 1908. Balthus was a world renown painter of the figure and in particular the female figure. His father was an art historian and his mother a painter. His early works depicted young sometimes innocent looking female girls in provocative poses.

In this clip a few paintings of Balthus set to music:

Balthus worked with an artist recently posted about, the poster artist Adolph Cassandre, in designing stage decorations.

Balthus had a great showing at the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City in 1956.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 for works in pencil to more than $3 million for an oil painting.

He was married to an aristocrat from Switzerland first. Balthus also took a second wife in 1965. A young woman 35 years younger than himself that he met on a trip to Japan. This fact was another reason the artist was seen as mysterious.

In this clip we visit a show with the great James Kalm:

Balthus passed away in 2001 at the age of 92 years old. His funeral was attended by many stars including Bono.

What an eccentric and well loved and respected artist! Balthus has been an inspiration to many artists including James Kalm.


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