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Artist of the moment…….Derek Lardelli

Derek Lardelli is a master of Maori Art, which comes from the country of New Zealand. Derek Lardelli was born in the year 1961.

Lardelli has designed and completed many large public sized sculptures.

The artist is also a great commercial success! As we see in this clip an Aussie Rules Football Team used his design for their new jerseys. What a great idea and great opportunity for artists. The artist has also worked with a Air New ZealandĀ  incorporating his Maori graphics with their brand for a new look.

Derek Lardelli enjoys traveling the globe and spreading news about his Maori culture.

Lardelli is also a teacher and in 2012 was named associate professor at the Eastland Institute of Technology.

The artist is based out of Gisborne, New Zealand. The city is located in the northeastern region of the country.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Lardelli is also a song writer and composer in his native Maori language. These are also called chants and hakas.


Artist of the moment……Moses Nyanhongo

Moses Nyanhongo is a Shona artist born in Zimbabwe in the year 1981. Moses Nyanhongo was inspired my many other relatives that were artists but his main inspiration was his artist father, Claud Nyanhongo. Moses worked as an apprentice and assistant to his father before beginning his own studio.

In 1999 he moved from the countryside to the big city of Harare where he joined his many siblings and other relatives who were full time professional artists.

He enjoys working with the figure.

Moses Nyanhongo is based out of Harare, Zimbabwe.

About his work Nyanhongo states he is striving for contrast and texture. The artist also strives for a great contrast with light and dark colors.

Began exhibiting his own work with show at the Chapungu Sculpture Park located in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2002.

Price range: Sorry none available.

More to come soon other artists from this remarkable family of creativity!


Artist of the moment…..Eric Sloane

Eric Sloane was an American artist born to a wealthy family in New York City in the year 1905. A close family friend was the inventor of a font named after him, he was a typographer. The neighbor was Frederic Goudy, inventor of the Goudy font. Sloane was a realist painter who enjoyed painting landscapes and skyscapes.

He sold his first skyscape painting to famed American explorer Amelia Earhardt. Sloane was thought to be the finest painter of clouds and sky of his generation.

Sloane didn’t get along well with his family and ran away at the age of fourteen. Thanks to hanging out with his neighbor Goudy, the artist was well schooled at working with letters and supported himself by painting signs on buildings, whatever he could find. Sloan was able to see the United States as he went cross country eventually making his way to Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

The artist was very prolific. During his peak he strove to finish one completed painting per day. As he got older sometimes he bought back his earlier paintings just to destroy as he felt his newer work was far superior! He worked mainly with oils on board.

Was inspired by the Hudson River School of painting.

Eric Sloane was married five times over his lifetime.

The artist passed away in 1985.

Sloane was also a prolific writer over his lifetime creating 38 books. A favorite subject were early American tools. Not only did he write a book on them, but his paintings and personal collection of tools of the time are considered top notch.

What an interesting story and artist and to close an amazing story about a public commission completed by Eric Sloane. Keep in mind he was 71 years old at the time! Sloane was asked to compete his largest mural at 7 stories high and the length of half of a city block. It was for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It took him less than 2 months to finish!

Price range information: The artist worked with oils and oil tempura and prices range $5,000 to $50,000.