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Artist of the moment………Choi So Young



Choi So Young is a contemporary artist renown for her unique landscape collages made from jeans and assorted denim scraps. Choi So Young was born in Busan, Korea in the year 1980.

Choi So Young attended the Dong Eui University located in Busan, Korea.

Her first solo show was held in 2001.

Many landscapes she creates are based on locations around the city of Busan.

Price range information: In addition to her denim collage works the also paints in acrylics. Works range from $20,000 to $1.6 million for an acrylic painting.

What a unique style Choi So-Young has created for herself. I had never before seen jeans as a medium! These are strong pieces for their high level of abstraction and repeating patterns and shapes.



Artist of the moment…….Yeondoo Jung



Yeondoo Jung is a contemporary Korean photographer renown for a series that featured his photographs based on children’s drawings.

Yeondoo Jung was born in Jinju, Korea in the year 1969. Jung is very well schooled having earned a B.F.A. from Seoul National University and a diploma in sculpture from Saint Martin College of Art in London, England. Jung also earned a M.F.A. from the University of London’s Goldsmith College.

In this clip from the University of Colorado at Boulder we view brief interview where the artist explains the connections he makes with imagination, art, and real life:

Jung was the recipient of the artist of the year award in 2007 from the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art.

In this clip we visit a show featuring the artist’s Wonderland series. Photographic images based on children’s drawings that Jung collected when he served as an art teacher to kindergarten children. What a great creative idea!:

The artist is now based out of Seoul, South Korea.

Price range information: Sorry none available

What a wonderful artist who does a great job creating reality from imagination!



Artist of the moment…..Park Seo-Bo

Park Seo-Bo is a contemporary artist born in Ye-Cheon, Kyung-Book, South Korea in the year 1931. Park Seo-Bo uses a specific type of Korean paper in her art. For his artistic education the artist attended Hong-Ik University located in Seoul, Korea. Park Seo-Bo is a modernist painter who enjoys dealing with the ideas of nature and space. That nature and man are indeed one body.

Some critics claim he is an action painter. It seems as if he is certainly trying to create tension by using so many varieties of medium, but each is used subtly, nothing is overdone. The main theme through this action painter it seems is to create his vision, to leave his energy on the canvas.

Price range information:  $10,000 to $150,000.

In this clip we visit a show from 2010. The artist is great at varying surface texture:

Spent a year in the early 1960s living in Paris, France.

In the past has served as vice president and president of the Korean Fine Arts Association.

Served as Dean of the College of Hong-Ik University.


Artist of the moment…..Cheong-ah Hwang

Cheong-ah Hwang is wonderful artist working with paper cuts. Cheong-ah Hwang was born in Korea in the year. Her parents owned and operated a printing store. As a child the artist had endless amounts of paper to work with as a child. As a child she spent much of time in Seoul, South Korea.

A link to the website of Cheong-ah Hwang. Very cool works on this page including birds, plants, and architecture:

The artist became more interested with paper art after visiting the United States in 2000.

price range available: sorry none available.

Cheong-ah Hwang was given the opportunity to create the design of the book “Grimm Tales for Young and Old. In this clip below we look at wonderful example of Hwang’s style of illustrative art:

The artist works out of Columbus, Ohio.

Cheong-ah Hwang also has produced a book giving detailed instructions on creating fifteen paper cut projects. In this clip below we get brief detail about the project:

As a paper enthusiast myself I enjoy her work even more than say Kara Walker, as the subject matter is fun and much more colorful. I am almost finished with my latest collage and will post it as soon as its dry!



Artist of the moment…..Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang was born in South Korea in the year 1960 and is an awesome contemporary artist who uses items including, sequins, buttons, beads , and pins. Her process is quite simple. She finds an image she likes, projects it onto the wall, traces it, then fills in the shapes with thousands of pins or buttons or whatever she chooses for her medium.  Her work tries to get the viewer to look at the many thousands of people that make up a mass movement, from the bead that signifies one person, to a mass of beads symbolizing a movement.

A link to a gallery specializing in the work of Ran Hwang:

price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Ran Hwang:

Hwang really enjoys the meditation part of the process, that of filling in the outline a given medium.

Ran Hwang found her artistic style after seeing the events of 911 in the United States. She uses thousands of whatever medium she chooses to represent people in her society.

For her artistic education she attended the School of Visual Arts located in New York city. For her masters degree  she went back to South Korea and attended the Graduate School of Arts Chung-Ang University Seoul, Korea.

In this clip we go to see an Art Basel Miami 2010 to see an entry in this exhibit by Ran Hwang:

In this clip we view another show by Ran Hwang, this one took place in 2012:

What a wonderful multi media artist!