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Artist of the moment… floral artist Lowell Blair Nesbitt


This artist died in 1993, a great painter of floral scenes and on a very large scale. Most of her paintings seen here are at least 70 inches on the small side. The white rose with red background is 80 inches by 80 inches. Very contemporary in that the artist doesn’t paint other items such as more florals or add abstracted background flowers.

From an art point of view, similar design to Georgia O’Keefe or Dyanna Hesson.

The artist was born in 1933 and died in 1993.

He attended the Tyler School of Art, which is part of Temple University in Philadelphia. He also attended the Academy of Arts in London and worked in etchings and stained glass mediums while in England.

The artist started having solo shows in 1958, his big break through came in 1964 with a show in DC at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The artist was caught up the Ab Ex movement that was born in America, but with the help of Robert Indiana, the painter of LOVE and HOPE paintings, he made the transition and started painting very large flowers full of abstract shapes and wonderful color.

The artist has stamps out from the USPS depicting some florals. Also he was the official artist for some Nasa missions.

The artist was involved in a strange case with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.  The Corcoran gallery of art was going to have a  show with the artist, and where horrified when looking at some of the pieces so said no to the exhibition. Nesbitt was going to give 1.5 million to the Corcoran gallery in his will and said he would revoke it if they didn’t have the show. The show DIDN’T go on and Nesbitt left 1.5 million to the Phillips collection where he once worked as a night watchman.




Paint some flowers today!


Artist of the moment… Yehudit Sasportas…



this artist is great to study as he works on very large pieces with the smaller sides 5 and 6 foot long. Also, he works in mixed media but his work emphasizes differences with light and dark shapes, his work though not made for reproductive purposes, is just perfect for it.

The artist is a member of the Israeli Cultural Excellence Foundation. The foundation takes leaders in all art forms from  music to theater to visual arts and helps nourish the artists with money and publicity. The foundation supports its artists for periods lasting up to 5 years. Other careers helped by the foundation include Jazz, fashion design, and writing.

The artist was born in Israel in 1969. He shows mainly at the Barbara Davis gallery and here is a link for his page there.

The artist has multiple degrees from Isreal and also from New York and the United States.

The clip is from a show of the artist, its great as you can how large his pieces are.



Try a large black and white piece today!

Happy learning!


Artist of the moment…Anthony Caro



this fellow is from England and was born in Surrey in 1924.He is known for making sculptures out of found materials. He found his vein of modernism in the 1960s after seeing the work of American Sculptor David Smith. At the Saint Martins School of Sculpture and Design he was an instrumental teacher, this school is in London.

Caro also taught at Bennington college from 1963 to 65.

In 1949 he married the painter Sheila Girling and they had 2 sons.

His work is unique and that most works are self supporting and sit directly on the floor.

In 2008 he did a wonderful installation in a church in France titled Chapel of Light.

The clip is about this Chapel of Light.

Artist of the moment… Mimmo Paladino





The artist was born in Italy in 1948. He is known for sculpting, painting, and printmaking. In the late 1970s he had major exhibitions in Milan and Naples, Italy. He emerged further onto the international art scene after show at the Stedelijick Museum in Amsterdam in the 1980s. The artist is working on concept that mix audio with visual art.

Studied at the Liceo Artistico de Benvenuto. In the 1970s he joined a group of artists that called themselves the transavantgarde movement.  The movement was mainly an Expressionist movement.

The clip shows some sculptures and other works by the artist!










keep learning!


Some new florals by the artist….

here some new florals I have been painting recently.


cannabis themed works…

All works are acrylics on board or canvas!



Artist of the moment…. karen Shapiro



This artist is great and I enjoy her works. I read about last month in one of the national art magazines. She was smoking a cigarette and working on a piece. She works mainly in ceramics and works in a large scale in her works.  She reminds me of the pop art movement that saw Warhol make famous ordinary objects like Brillo Boxes.

Her work is vibrant and full of life, since its larger than life size, especially the prozac pill, I definitely call it ART!

One of the artists galleries is in Scottsdale, Arizona and here is a link for that gallery.

This artist is inspirational for the fact that she makes mundane objects unique and they will be around on earth for thousands of years for future beings to enjoy.





Artist of the moment… Jennifer Bartlett


This artist is very prolific and I enjoy her many approaches to fun subject matter. The artist was born in 1941 in Long Beach California. The artist loves to combine realism and abstraction. Bartlett attended college at Mills College in California.

In 1981 the artist created a 200 foot mural for a Federal Building in Atlanta. The artist is included in many private and public collections. She is also in the collection of the Smithsonian and the MoMa in New York City.

She is known for flat houses painted in childlike manner. Really bright colors and simple shapes.

A brief less than 2 minute clip of the artist in her studio.


always learn every day!



Artist of the moment… mixed media artist Hew Locke…



this artist makes wonderful mixed media pieces. His father was quite famous among the artworld as a sculptor and his name was Donald Locke.  His mother was a painter Leila Chaplin.  The artist has a B.A. in art as well as masters in sculpture.

The artist won a major award titled the Paul Hamlyn award and this is when he became quite known in the art world in 2000. At a solo show at the Chisenhale Gallery he gained attention for a work called the Cardboard Palace in 2002.

The artist is in many well known collections in the U.K. including the Government Art Collection as well as the Tate Museum.In the U.S. he is in the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City.

Public works include works in Puerto Rico as well as for the BBC newschannel of England.

The artist was born in 1959.

Below is a clip about the artist speaking about his works for a show at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.


Learn something new everyday, and don’t forget what you already now.

Artist of the moment… Robert Goodnaugh…



this artist just passed away last year and was known for his abstract works. Using mainly acrylics but sometimes oils and mixed media the artist was rather prolific in his output. The artist was born in 1925 in New York. He was the last surviving member of the original New York School of the Ab Ex movement and started showing his works there in the 1950s.

It was very important in his career because at that time all artists submitted work, then collectively as a group they decided who would show their works. He also had shows at the Whitney Museum of Art and even solo shows at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The artist attended Syracuse, the Hans Hoffman Summer School of Art, and also wrote for the magazine Art News.

The artist passed away on October 2nd of last year.

Love his use of color and shapes!


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