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Artist of the moment…. Polly Apfelbaum…

The artist talking about an installation called Blossom that has to do with her interpretation of the Power Puff Girls cartoon.


One show of the artist in Dallas last year. Check out some more large installations.


this artist is great for her use of color and fun shapes. The artist was born in 1955 and much of her early inspiration to create came from the Pop Art Movement.

She works in a variety of media including not only paint but also installations sometimes done with velvet, cloth, or cut up photographs.

She has won various awards and grants over her career including the Jackson-Pollack grant and also a grant given by the Guggenheim.

The artist attended college in Philadelphia at the Tyler School of Art.

She became widely known for her “fallen paintings” which are a mixture of painting, installation, and sculpture.

These fallen paintings stem from the idea that fun shapes are made on the floor out of dyed fabric and from this pool of colors new colors splash and emerge. Smaller splashes of color explode from the floor. Some themes are from current pop culture, feminism, and even some ideas of abstract painters of the 50s and 60s.

She now lives and works in New York City.

The artist even has work in the Whitney Museum in New York. In many private and public collections.

I enjoy this artist for her free flowing shapes and also the fact she isn’t afraid to use color boldly.



HAPPY THANKSGIVING…….Artist of the moment….. Christina Chalmers……

since we have black friday coming up tomorrow I thought it would be great to check out some artists who work with dresses and clothes.

The artist has a great statement that says her paintings and constructions are a reflection of her soul.

The artist was born in 1948 in Madison, Wisconsin. The artist has a place not only in Mendocino, CA but also in France as well as Sante Fe, NM. She finds it easier to get motivated and to continue a high work output by moving periodically from location to location.

The artist is very diverse working in painting, photography, sculpture, video, and even installations.

BA from University of  Iowa and MA from Rudolph Steiner College in Sacramento, CA.

She uses nearly anything you could imagine in her assemblage pieces of dresses. Song books, diaries, beeswax and even found objects like lace and other old textiles. She also is a great fine art weaver.

It is  3 part series but when I tried to cut and paste the rest it didn’t work out. If you would like to see more go to her youtube site.

I enjoy this artist’s work for her many different creative ideas, it seems she never runs out!

Below are clips showing the artist at work making one of her dresses.

Be sure and do something creative today while are digesting your turkey!





Artists of the moment…..McDermott and McGough….


These artists are contemporary artists that work together on every project. Skilled painters each, but also very inventive. They are known for taking photographs of themselves dressed in the 1800 or early 190os. What is different about them is they use various processes that were used back in the era.

The two are quite eccentric and for a short had a studio and house in New York City that was lit entirely by candlelight.

As well as painting and sculpture the duo also is known for film making and sculpture.

Their paintings are a throw back to the 60s pop art style. Some works remind one of a Roy Lichtenstein but the word bubbles are left out, leaving the viewer to fill in the thoughts being expressed.

The artist’s were both born in the United States and both attended Syracuse University which is where they met in the 1970s.

They received a big break back in the 1980s getting praise from Julian Schnabel and this put the artist on a very high level with other contemporaries such as Keith Haring and Basquiat.

I love the creativity of these artists. I think these days its very tough to live without a cell phone, yet alone without electricity. Artist’s should be eccentric to establish themselves as a brand, I will never forget these two characters as they wish they live much of their life as if they are in the 1800s, even their clothes are made to look from that time period.

Here is short clip showing some of the artists work.

Quick post about a show the two artists did in 2008.

Try living in the 1800s for just one day! I encourage you to try and then compare this life to the life these artists choose to live.

Happy painting!




Artist of the moment….. David Alfaro Siqueiros


this artist was born in Mexico in 1874. He was born in Chihauhua, Mexico. He became known for his murals but also made fine prints.

He was also a member of the Mexican Communist Party that tried without success to kill Leon Trotsky in 1940.Trotsky was a president living in the country who was still largely unpopular with the people. Trotsky survived the attack on his house partially led by Siqueiros but died later that year by an assassin who used a pick axe to carry out the killing.

The artist was the 2nd of three children. The family was quite well to do whose lineage traced back to the Alfaro family of Portugal.  Before the artist was 5 his mom died, so his dad gave the children to the grandparents to raise. The grandparents didn’t approve of the way Dad was raising the kids moved the kids from the country to Mexico City and also enrolled them in private biblical school.

Below is a clip around 5 minutes showing many of the artist’s work on canvas as well as his murals.



The artist was very modern in his approach to murals as far as dimensions and different techniques used to apply paint as well as enhance the perspective. Rather than making a picture work from standing in front to getting  his works to look nice from wherever the viewer is standing.

As a teenager he was inspired by Dr. Atl, he told all artists to develop a national art looking all across the country and to previous cultures for inspiration. The artist joined some military groups and while on travels around the country he was able to get a great grasp of the various ways of life in his country.The artist took off to paint Europe in 1919.

In 1922 the artist returned to Mexico City to work for a new revolutionary government as a mural artist. The artist saw his art as a perfect way to express his political feelings. He thought art should be public, educational, and ideological.

The artist died in 1974 in Mexico.

I enjoy those artists from the Mexican muralist group as they have so much emotion and meaning. Similar to Kathe Kollwitz in their depiction of pain and suffering of the masses.

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment…. Christopher Reilly…

The artist was born in New Rochelle, New York in 1967.

this artist does encaustics (working with wax) but instead of using oil he glazes with watercolor.

He works on very large canvases or boards sometimes as large as 76 inches on one side. Most of the works don’t have a horizon line and rather focus on the movement and growth of a flower or a branch across the picture plane.

He wants the works to be both ancient and modern. His method includes wax and watercolor in the background followed by paint and scraping in between layers. He usually works on 8 to 12 paintings at one time. It takes multiple months and layers of paint.

He enjoys carving flowers and leaves out of the build up layers of wax.  Trying to show the dying, growing, and beginning of a plant or flower. The artist is influenced by Buddhism and the circle of life.

As a painter who likes to try new ideas and ways of applying paint, this artist is the first artist I have seen that paints with watercolor whilst using an encaustic method!

Try painting with wax for something different. You can really make your focal point stand out!

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment…. Hiro Yokose….


I enjoy this artist’s landscape for the moodiness contained in this artist’s work. His medium is oils but he also adds encaustic (wax) to his work. Allowing  a buildup of many layers of paint.  Not much color seen in his pieces, his artwork is similar to the photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto or Ansel Adams. A very limited use of color also helps to enhance the sunsets and sunrises the artist usually paints.

The artist was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1951.

Another reason I love this artist is his price range is all over the place, the last works in the photo section of this article are only 8 by 8 and done on his normal method of oil on canvas or linen on board.

Looked all over the internet for some more info on the artist but couldn’t find any. He has works in several galleries.

I enjoy the feelings contained in his work and the composition. Is is very simplistic but different in that the horizon line is many times broken by a flash of moonlight bouncing off the water.

Get out there and CREATE!



Artist of the moment…….Ford Smith…

This artist started out as a photographer in the Atlanta area, took to painting, and blending is business sense with his artistic ability has made very lucrative business for himself. The artist specializes in landscapes with an emphasis on color. I encourage you when you see an Andy Goldworthy or Ansel Adams take some time to notice the composition and the tone. You can learn a great deal from photographs as they are usually made for 100s or 1000s of reproductions.

The artist grew up overseas in Japan as his father was an Air Force serviceman. He became interested in art by watching some Japanese painters.

He attended college at the  University of Missouri and got a BFA there. He then got interested in photography and made this his career for several years.

The artist longed to get back into painting and just past the age of 50 years old he sold his photography business and took painting again.

The artist doesn’t do studies or prep work painting layer upon layer of the wonderful horizons he sees in his travels.

I enjoy this artist because his landscapes are exactly what I like. Simple shapes and colors that get the viewer to feel the scene and not just look at it as a painting.Great use of reds and good compositions in his works. His originals are sometimes 4 foot by 4 foot so his works come in various sizes. Also the artist has recently put his works into fused glass so that you may have original functional art. Table trays, cups, plates are all available on his website.

Below is a slideshow featuring nearly 80 of the artist’s work set to some very soothing music.

He works mainly in acrylic. Be sure and check out or The artist is a great business artist selling various prints, giclees, and originals.

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment… Wolf Kahn….

Below is a clip featuring a show at the TayloePiggett Gallery. Lasts around 2 and a half minutes. Great compositions to see here. Very simple but communicate the artist’s point well.

Another clip showing the first part of a 6 part interview done with with the Jerald Melberg Gallery. There are 6 parts so I listed one and if you want to see more just head to youtube!


the artist was born in 1927 in Stuttgart, Germany. He is known world wide for his approach of color and composition. He calls himself abstract expressionist in his works. It all depends on how you look at it. Wyeth thought he was very abstract except he painted what you felt after looking at something for hours on end, with layers and layers of paint.

The artist attended the University of Chicago and now lives in Vermont and New York City.

Member of the National Academy of Design.

He is in so many collections and museums just take my word, he is on many continents!


I prefer to think of Kahn’s work as very loose representational work. In an article I read about the artist his teacher told him to make it feel like a tree, don’t just represent a tree.

He is very similar to colorist plein aire painters such as Camille Przewodek or Stephen Quiller. Use the colors and patterns ALREADY found in nature to compose a prize winning fantastic work of art.

The artist works in a variety of media. Oils and pastels mixed with monotypes and lithograph prints. A very productive artist that has works at various price levels. I enjoy the artist for his longevity and the fact he still produces. But most of all enjoy his color.

Happy painting!



Artist of the moment…. Eero Aarnio… furniture artist…..

A clip featuring a hanging chair that looks very interesting!

An add featuring a chair and its incredible sound and wi fi capabilities.

The artist was born in 1932 in Finland. He attended college at the Institute for Industrial Arts in Helsinki 1954 to 1957.

He is best known for his chairs. These include the ball chair and hanging ball chair. As technologies were improved the artist was able to modernize his work by including plastic and fiberglass in his designs.

The ball chair is great to sit in and it quiets down the noise putting the sitter into their own private world. The artist himself has one with a telephone installed in it. This was done long ago before the invention and use of cell phones, so the artist was far ahead of his kind.

He has earned international recognition for chair designs the Patil and the Tomato chair.

The chairs can be used inside or outside and even float on water.  So a chair made for all seasons!

I enjoy this artist because he puts art where most don’t expect to find it, beneath their bottoms!

See this artist’s work at the Vance Kirkland Museum of Art in downtown Denver if you have the chance.

Happy sitting!


Artist of the moment…. Kevin Fitzgerald…..


this artist is well known and collected for his wonderful landscape paintings.  I enjoy all forms of art, but my favorite are when I can look at something and get a feeling from it. That is what his landscapes do to me. His use of soft and diffused light seldom a hard edge are ideal for landscape painter to study. If you want to get a feeling rather than just a likeness study this artist as well as Kevin MacPherson, Russell Chatham, Daniel Pinkham, Tim Deibler, Stephen Quiller, and Lynn Boggess.

This artist was born in Washington D.C. in 1953. He started drawing and learning how to be an artist at an early age taking classes at the Corcoran Institute of Art in D.C. He attended the Maryland Institute College for his BFA and studied with Raoul Middleman.

Below is a clip featuring the artist talking about his work. At the end of the clip many of his paintings are spread out on the floor of a gallery and you can see even from a distance they get the viewer emotionally involved

For his masters he attended George Washington University.

Admires the Dutch and Barbizon School of painting and those are the artists that inspire his landscape painting.

One thing this artist can teach us to inject more feeling into your landscapes SOFTEN THOSE EDGES!

Happy painting!

Try a landscape near sunset!


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