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Artist of the moment……Raoul Hague


Raoul Hague was a wonderful sculptor renown or his abstract works made of wood that often have the torso as the subject matter. Raoul Hague was born in Constantinople, Turkey in the year 1904.

price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist was well schooled attending the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. Hague also studied at the Beaux Arts School of Design located in New York City and the Art Student’s League of New York City.

The artist was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Raoul Hague is associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement.

The artist was in his mid fifties when he had his first solo show.

Raoul Hague passed away in 1993  at the age of 88 years of age.

For much of his working career the artist was based out of Woodstock, New York.

What a wonderful style he had working with the torso as the subject matter but using wood which has fun repeating patterns and lines. Its as if we as viewers get a couple of works of art with the wood and with the torso!





Artist of the moment……Street Artist Maser


Maser is an internationally acclaimed street artist who works in a modernist style. Maser hails from the country of Ireland. He began experimenting and painting graffiti in 1995.

Maser is also adept at typography. Some other artists renown for their work with typography include Robert Cottingham, Robert Indiana, glass artist Denis Brown, and Stephen Powers.

The artist has done many collaborative works with other artists including a large work with the street artist who works with photography named JR. This work is the first image in the gallery.

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A link to the website of artist Maser:

Maser created the work that was a three dimensional work with a nod to the famous work of Ed Ruscha’s work of the gas station. Here is the original version by Ed Ruscha.

And here we view the newer modern version of the gas station by Maser:

In this clip we view some works of Maser that showcase the Irish Republican of the 1800s named Anne Devlin:

In this clip we view a collaborative work with Maser and automobile company Volkswagen:

What a great artist and commercially successful as well. I have so much respect for those artists who study typography. The letter as art can be  quite exciting!


Artist of the moment……Alex Matisse


Alex Matisse is the great grandson of the renown painter Henri Matisse and also a world renown clay potter. Alex Matisse was born in the year 1984. His family has been involved in the art world for many decades as his father Pierre Matisse was a gallery owner.

Matisse left college early to study privately with master potters Matt Jones and Mark Hewitt.


In this clip we view Alex Matisse at work decorating a plate:

Again we view the artist at work on a new piece!:

Alex Matisse formed his own company, East Fork Pottery which his based out of North Carolina. The company makes a wide variety of ceramic and clay items for purchase, below a link to the companies website.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Its great to see another multiple generation of artists and gallery owners!


Artist of the moment…….Robert Douglas Hunter



Robert Douglas Hunter is a wonderful painter who specializes in painting the still life. Robert Douglas Hunter was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts in the year 1928.

Hunter served in the United States Marine Corps.

In this clip more works by Hunter:

Here the Robert Hunter tells us what he thinks all great paintings have in common. From the Boston Guild of Artists Group:

For his artistic education Hunter attended the Vesper George School of Art located in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition the artist studied privately with artists Henry Hensche and Robert Hale Ives Gammell.

The artist is now based out of Walpole, Massachusetts.

For compositions Robert Douglas Hunter reminds me of the Dutch and Flemish masters who mastered the art of the still life. Artists from this time period made beautiful paintings from very limited resources. Floral bouquets were painted one at a time, even wealthy Dutch of the tulip era seldom displayed more than one tulip in a vase at one time.

Hunter is one of my favorite painters of vessels. His bowls, vases, and jars have a great simple shape and bold color. The bold and strong color makes for a strong reflection.

Hunter served as president for the Boston Guild of Artists for five years from 1973 until 1978.

Another great painter of vessels I have profiled would be Jeff Legg.

In addition to his own art career, Hunter has been a treasure to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the arts. The artist has taught over forty individuals who went on to professional art careers.

Price range information: The artist works with oils and prices range from $10,000 to $40,000.



Artist of the moment…….Kristin Baker


Kristin Baker is one of my favorite painters working with the subject of cars painted in an abstract manner. Kristin Baker was born in Stamford, Connecticut in the year 1975 and earned B.F.A. from Tufts University based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Baker went on to earn her masters degree from Yale.

She first came upon the national art scene with her abstract paintings of automobiles and racing in the early 2000s.

In this clip we visit a show featuring the work of Kristin Baker from 2009:

The artist is based out of New York City.

Baker works mainly in acrylics and mixed media.

To close lets take a look at two paintings of a car crash, the first by Andy Warhol and the second by Kristin Baker. In November 2013, Warhol’s painting titled the Silver Car Crash sold for more than 105 million dollars. From a design standpoint, its very interesting to see the somewhat block square shape of a car become so many interesting abstract shapes after being hit.


Price range information: Works range from $40,000 to $300,000.

Baker has a wonderful mix of abstraction and realism in her early work. My favorite works of hers are still the automobile series, a perfect example of her mix of realism and abstraction.


Artist of the moment…….Gonzalo Fonseca


Gonzalo Fonseca was a fantastic sculptor and also the father of Caio and Bruno Fonseca. Gonzalo Fonseca was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in the year 1911. Fonseca is considered a modernist artist that sculpted in a modernist style but also painted in oils in an impressionist manner.

Fonseca began as an architect before deciding to pursue a career in the arts.

The artist was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Gonzalo Fonseca also was one of the first “green artists” as he used stone and materials that he found from demolished buildings.

The artist kept studies in Manhattan in the States and also in Italy.

Gonzalo Fonseca passed away in 1997.

price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000.




Artist of the moment……..Caio Fonseca



The next few posts we will be covering Fonseca artist family from Uruguay. Caio and Bruno are the sons and Gonzalo Fonseca the father, this post will cover Caio Fonseca.

Caio Fonseca chose to study independently with artists rather than go to college. The artist studied abroad in Europe for more than one decade before beginning to show is work in 1993.

Caio Fonseca was born in New York City in the year 1959.

The artist is part of many prominent collections including the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of Art both located in New York City.

Much of the artist’s work is in mixed media using gouache and ink.

Caio Fonseca is based out of New York City.

Price range information: Works range from $25,000 to $200,000.

Here we see a collaboration with publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust Brookfield Properties and Caio Fonseca. Caio was chosen as the main artist and produced many works for this exhibit:

I enjoy the wonderful organic shapes the artist creates in his work. Combined with his vertical lines and repetition of shapes, the artist creates a fantastic combination of movement and color. What an artistic family!




Artist of the moment……..Ted Waddell


Ted Waddell is a wonderful painter from Montana renown for his paintings featuring horses painted in an abstract style. Ted Waddell was born in Billings, Montana in the year 1941.

For his collegiate education the artist studied at many institutions including Eastern Montana College and the Brooklyn Museum School of Art. Waddell went on to earn a M.F.A. from Wayne State University located in Detroit, Michigan.

Waddell has owned a working ranch for much of his painting career. Its easy to see his fondness of the rancher and lifestyle.

The artist is associated with the Abstract or Abstract Expressionist groups.

Here we see part 1 of a great interview with Theordore Waddell:

The artist has also taught at the collegiate level at the University of Montana.

price range information: Sorry none available. The artist paints in watercolor, gouache, and oils. Many times the artist uses mixed media in his work.



Artist of the moment………Per Kirkeby


Per Kirkeby was born Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 1938. Kirkeby attended the University of Copenhagen where he studied geology, he earned a masters degree. He then also attended what at the time was an experimental art school.

Kirkeby is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, and author. His sculpture work often includes bricks and shapes that repeat throughout the work. The artist has completed public commissions in Germany and Denmark. Below an example of his sculpture work.


The artist is included in many prominent collections and museums including the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City and the Tate Museum of London, England.

The artist has been a participant of the famed Venice Biennial.



In this clip we view a clip from a show that took place for Per Kirkey in 2008:

Here we view a show from 2013:

Price range information: Prints can be starting at $1,000. Original works in oils can reach $300,000. The artist is a prolific printmaker but also works in gouache.


Artist of the moment………Thomas Buttersworth Junior


Thomas Buttersworth Junior was the son of the aforementioned Thomas Buttersworth Senior. Thomas Buttersworth Jr. was born in 1797 or 1807, an exact birthdate could not be found. Not much is known about the Buttersworth Jr. The artist studied with his father to learn how to paint.

He studied with his father and also was renown for his maritime paintings.

The artist married and had one child.

Thomas Buttersworth Junior passed away in 1842.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another interesting characteristic to see in the paintings of all the families is movement of water. Everyone in the family can paint a wonderful stormy maritime work of art including a boat. Its interesting that each painter has a similar style in painting the choppiness of the ocean waters and also the light and dark shapes of the water.

A dark shape is used by each artist at the bottom of their work. As the painting recedes we view different planes of light giving the work a tremendous sense of depth.  Just amazing!


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