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Artist of the moment… Hedda Sterne…



this artist was amazing in the fact she made it to 100 years old! One of my goals! She was born in 1910 in Romania. Married in 1932 to Frederick Sterne. In 1938 she exhibited in Paris for the first time. In 1941 she barely escaped the killing of jews in her apartment building she fled home for New York City. She met Peggy Guggenheim and as a result was introduced to the art communities brightest stars.

She became an Ab-Ex painter and rose to stardom after appearing on the cover of Time magazine in 1950.



Studied as Fullbright Scholar in Venice in 1963.

Had a stroke in 2004, and she had to stop making art.

Died in 2011 at the age of 100 ! Great creative mind, my favorite work in the gallery here is the circular one. It looks like a lit moon!


A.I. Wei Wei UPDATE….

In case you didn’t hear the most famous Chinese artist has been released after being detained for more than 80 days. He was interviewed but the artist said he couldn’t say anything as he was only out on bail. The artist has said many derogatory things about the Chinese gov.t.  I wrote about a few posts ago, many people in the West called on China to release him, and finally he is out. He has to pay a huge fine though as one of the charges is tax evasion.

Go A. I. WeiWei!

Supposedly he had bad medical conditions, but last time he was incarcerated he was nearly beaten dead by the police.



Don’t forget he did the sunflower pieces as well as the birds nest stadium used for the Beijing Olympics.

Artist of the moment…. Watercolor master Ray Hendershot



I love this artist for many reasons. He is great at highly detailed watercolors. In a way he reminds me of the late Andy Wyeth. This artist has been painting for more than 60 years and is a high volume seller. He not only sells originals  but you can also find his wonderful barns and farm scenes for sale at or

He mainly paints the things that show wear and tear in the Pennsylvania countryside.

For those of you who live in the west or northwest as I have during winter, his grey cool days are just great.  When I look at one of these scenes its as if I can smell grandpa just put some fresh logs in the fire! Cool temp, but awesome smells of winter. Or the crispness of fresh fallen snow.  Both feelings are captured wonderfully by this artist.

He released a book with North Light publishing teaching how to duplicate his results with watercolor in 1999.

Member of both American and National Watercolor Societies. Has been published in those wonderful Splash books that have many watercolor artists.

Go paint a farm scene today!




New painting of the Wilma Theater in Missoula, Montana

This is perhaps my favorite building in a city with both unique 20th century houses and a fair amount of modern and contemporary buildings.

They show awesome independent movies. They are not out trying just to make money, but show great movies you might not get to see in most places in Montana.

Also a great restaurant in this building. Right along the bike path so if you RIDE YOUR BIKE don’t drive!

Artist of the moment…. Typography artist Teri Martin…



As you know by reading the blog I love LETTERS! Writing and how people communicate has always fascinated me. This artist uses her own words, as well as taking words and sayings from famous people, and makes them her own.  Her work has been used in many commercial artworks such as calenders, greeting cards, and posters.

On her website you can even buy things like cardstock to do scrap booking.

Below is the address to her own website.

Its interesting in her bio that she loves calligraphy and is excited about all the new forms it is now, not just pen and ink. Clay, sculpture, and even metal.

Her use of color is outstanding, as well as her use of calligraphy.

The artist has a couple of licensing arrangements with a scrap booking company, a rubber stamp company, and the New York Graphic Society is even working on reproducing her paintings. This company sells many art posters in places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

This artist is very inspiring as she has made typography fun and colorful! A great artist and business woman!

Great job!

The artist also has a blog you should check out the link on her own page listed above. Its not updated very often but its worth checking out.


Artist of the day… Street artist and mixed media master Dan Witz




This artist became famous for making small photo realistic paintings in very public places in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  He is known for making pieces that have very emotionally charged people behind a glass or metal frame. As if the viewer startled them.

The artist can also paint very nice landscapes, especially urbanscape paintings of city locations.

Mr. Witz was born in Chicago in 1957. He got a B.F.A. in fine art in 1980 from Cooper Union College.

In this clip check out a show the artist did in Amsterdam. You can see how his style of trompe painting on metal and then glued in place leaves the spectator startled and blown away by what they have seen. Is a person really stuck underground? Does the person need my assistance?


More works of the artist in this clip!


This artist is great because many times you see street artists who are very loose, but its a welcomed change to see someone so skilled at painting. The landscapes pictured of the city markets are both large, one nearly 50 inches long on one side and the other around 56 inches. Great composition and wonderful dark against light format.

This artist is for me a combination of Norman Rockwell and Banksy!  More graphic skills than Bansky in my view.





Artists of the day….. Gilbert and George



A pair of artists born in the the early 1940s that work together as a dynamic duo with their artworks. They work on a variety of media, sometimes sculpture or photography. I enjoy their funny names given to some pieces. Notice the piece “Blood on Shit” in the pictures made by the artists.

Gilbert Proesch was born in 1943 in Italia. The artist studied art in Munich, Germany as well as in Austria.

George Passmore was born in Plymouth, U.K. in 1942 and went to college in Oxford, England.

The pair met in 1967 while attending St. Martins School of Art. It is said they came together as George was the only person to understand Gilbert’s English.

The pair focuses on things that happen in London’s East End and are known for being quite dapper and proper.


A brief documentary of the pair on British television. They talk about their singing sculpture of the 60s and 70s.


A clip about a postcard exhibit in 2011.


The pair rarely appear without each other in public and usually wear suits. They consider EVERYTHING they do to be art.



Artist of the day….Fantastic Female Figure Artist Hilo Chen…



This artist was born in Taiwan in 1942. At the age of 26 he moved to Paris. Later the same year he moved to New York.  He enjoys painting in a photo realistic style. He lives and works in New York and has works included in the Guggenheim New York as well as the Taipai Museum of Fine Art.


This artist should be inspiration to anyone who enjoys painting or drawing the figure.


keep learning!


Artist of the moment….. Sonia Romero



This artist is a wonderful small business person as well. She has won numerous public commissions and even sells her work via   She considers to be one of her best outlets for all of her creative energies.

The artist uses many mixed media. Linocuts as large works on tile.  As many artists do she also fights for causes she believes in.  Also on the etsy site is a piece the artist made to show people the plight of the north american honey bee. Many farmers lost 1/3 to 1/2 of their bees.

The artist has a show currently at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles.  Occasionally the artist gives workshops on paper cutting. 2 other artists working in this medium are Kara Walker and Nikki McClure. The artist is a wonderful printmaker and even makes linocuts and also gives workshops with that medium as well. A well known linocut artist is Don Gorvett.

Her public commissions are in public transportation around California.

Here is a time lapse piece of the artist making a large piece about bison skulls.


Learn as much as you can from this wonderful artist and business person! Try making a print today! Open an etsy store to sell your art!




Artist of the moment…. David Trulli



This artist is a former cinematographer and compares the way a scene is lit, to the way he works. First you start with black, then you add the white. He works on very large scratchboard that I have never seen at an art store. Some sides are more than 100 inches long.

For gallery purposes the work is labeled as using ink, clay, and varnish on masonite.

I enjoy this artist because he can really draw!

Using only black and white his works offer unique vantage points and great movement of light and energy.

In 2009 he was commissioned by Harley Davidson to have his work put on a motorcycle gas tank.

The artist was born in New York in 1960 but now lives and works in Los Angeles and Hollywood. The artist has been featured in Juxtapose, Fabrik, and ArtScene.




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