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Artist of the moment…..Pedro Pablo Oliva

Pedro Pablo Oliva was born in the year 1949 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.  Oliva works with the figure in a whimsical fashion with his own mix of realism and surrealism. Oliva was interested in a creating as a child, and won many awards for art as a youngster. For his artistic education Pedro Oliva attended the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas located in Havana, Cuba.

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For me personally what I enjoy most about Oliva’s style is the his depiction of fabric. Its a great blend of abstraction and color pattern. In addition the stylized manner Oliva portrays the hand I find elegant.

One influence on the artist was a Cuban painter named Antonia Eiriz. Through this teacher Oliva learned to paint his emotions. Below an example of Eiriz’s artwork.


Another large influence on the artist was painter Eduardo Abela. Again another artist who worked in a surrealistic manner to get his point across. Very whimsical and playful. Below an example of Abela’s work.


Began selling his art for money in 1970.

In this clip a short selection of sculptures by Pedro Oliva:

What a talented artist working in a many mediums.


Artist of the moment……Micheal Kidner

Michael Kidner was a leader of the Op-Art movement based out of England. Michael Kidner was born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England in the year 1917. Kidner attended college in England and in the United States. Whilst attending college here World War 2  started and Kidner was stuck in the Americas. Unable to go home he joined the Canadian Army for five years.

After his discharge from the army he attended Goldsmiths University in London, England, but for a very short time horizon as he didn’t agree with the curriculum. Kidner would go on to marry an actress and became involved with theater design.

During a vacation he met the famous French painter Andre L’hote. L’hote encouraged Kidner to improve as an artist and give Cubism a try. Kidner would move to Paris and even attended L’hote’s art school. Over the next decade the artist would move to England and try many types of painting before seeing the work of the American Expressionists and the Color Field painters that he was finally able to develop his own style.

First solo exhibition took place in 1959.

Became renown as a painter on an international basis alongside Bridget Riley in 1965 for a show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Micheal Kidner passed away in 2009.

As the artist got older and had many health problems, this DIDN’T detour him from painting. He was unable to walk, but painted in his chair and with a chairlift. He couldn’t paint as he couldn’t move his arms and hands properly, he hired an assistant to paint his works for him. He only quit painting during the last month of his lifetime.

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Artist of the moment…..Neith Nevelson

Neith Nevelson is a painter renown for her work with the figure and horses in a modern and abstract manner. Neith Nevelson was born in the year 1946 in New York City. She comes from a very artistic family as her grandmother was a world renown sculptor named Louise Nevelson. Neith Nevelson was born in New York City but raised in Florence, Italy.

For her artistic education Nevelson attended school in Florence, Italy very briefly. She was expelled for not following their chosen curriculum.

The artist has illustrated some books over her career.

Louise Nevelson was a sculptor that worked with found wood for many projects. She made sculptures and assemblages most of the time painting the end result in black. She was most popular during her later years. Below an example of Nevelson’s artwork. Louise Nevelson is associated with the Cubist movement.


Her father Mike was also a sculptor. He too works with the figure in a very modern way. Below an example of his style of art.


In this clip a great montage of works by Neith Nevelson:

Neith Nevelson is based out of Coconut Grove, Florida.

price range information:  Works range from $10,000 to $400,000.