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Artist of the moment……..Sandor Bortnyik

Sandor Bortnyik was born in Hungary in the year 1893.

For nearly one decade Bortnyik was in charge of the Academy of Fine Arts located in Hungary. Bortnyik was well known for his graphics design. The artist was known for his work with cigarette brand marketing designs.

In this clip a wonderful montage of works by Sandor Bortnyik:

Bortnyik passed away in 1976.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 for a print to $250,000 for an original oil.


Artist of the moment……Tom Savage

Tom Savage is a wonderful artist who works in an Abstract Expressionist style. Tom Savage was born in the year 1953. His works include many mediums including graphite, oils, and acrylics.

Savage is included in many prominent collections including the Tuscon Museum of Art.

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $10,000.

In this clip a brief biography about the artist:

If you enjoy his work be sure and check out Colorado artist Homare Ikeda.


Artist of the moment…….Allan Crite

Allan Crite was an African- American painter renown for his work with the figure in an urban landscape. Allan Crite was born in the year 1910 in North Plainfield, New Jersey. When he was still a child the family relocated to Boston where Crite would go on to attend the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Although accepted by Yale, Crite attended Harvard.

Crite was one of few painters of color employed by the Federal Arts Project.

Crite painted in oils and was also a printmaker producing some striking woodcuts.

For most of his career Crite was based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

In this clip we view a short bio about artist Allan Crite:

Allan Crite passed away in 2010 at the age of 97 years of age.

Religion played a large role in his art, Crite was an Episcopalian.

Price range information: Crite made prints which start at around $4,000 up to originals in oils which could reach $50,000. Crite also painted with gouache and watercolors.

I enjoy his use of perspective. The artist was employed by the Navy for more than 3 decades as an engineer, he was a wonderful draftsman. Crite achieved his goal by trying to show the life of the African American through the figure.


Artist of the moment…….Bud Latven

Bud Latven creates wonderful abstract works using wood as his medium. Bud Latven was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1949.

The artist moved to New Mexico in the early 1970s and found work making cabinets and furniture. After a brief period of two years working for someone else, Latven went on to open up his own studio. Latven found commercial success selling his furniture.

During the 1980s some experiments led him to try working with the lathe. Latven soon started working in the open vessel and abstract style he is now famous for.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view works using wood by Bud Latven as well as other fascinating artists working with wood:

What a spectacular artist!

Artist of the moment………Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a British artist born in Llandundo, North Wales in the year 1946. Llandundo is in this day still a small city of slightly more than 20,000 people. Ben Johnson paints landscapes in a photorealistic style. In fact Ben Johnson is the only artist to be made an honorary member of the Royal British Society of Architects.

price range information: Sorry none available. The artist is also an avid printmaker.

At the National Gallery fans were allowed to watch the artist at work, here is a clip of the artist painting:

With his photorealist style, Johnson uses as many as eleven assistants to help him finish his large commissioned works. One example of this is a painting that shows the city of Liverpool and hangs in the Liverpool Art Museum. Eleven assistants took nearly 24,000 to complete this painting. His normal year round staff consists of three assistants.

In this clip we have an interview with Ben Johnson explaining his art:

For most of his work Ben Johnson uses acrylic paints.

A link to the website of Ben Johnson. One reason he uses assistants is his use of technology. The website asks you to set your pixel resolution rather high in order to take in all the detail:

Johnson attended the Royal College of Art located in London, England.

Ben Johnson is included in many European collections including the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I enjoy the black and white works the most of the artist. Other artists that have painted many cities in a photorealistic style profiled here included Raphaella Spence and Stephen Wiltshire, a wonderful artist from the U.K. who is also autistic.


Artist of the moment………Elba Alvarez

Elba Alvarez is a wonderful artist who works with the landscape and also creates abstract art. Elba Alvarez was born in the year 1944 in Pedernales, Venezuela. Alvarez landscapes usually are a play on water, sunlight, and clouds.

For her artistic education Alvarez moved to Paris, France.

Alvarez would then move to the United States and New York City where she began a successful art career.

Price range information: Sorry none available. The artist works mainly with oils on canvas but also produces prints of her work .

I enjoy the wonderful organic shapes and depth achieved by this artist in her abstract works.


Artist of the moment……Siassie Kenneally

Siassie Kenneally is a wonderful Inuit graphic design artist born in Iqalugajuk, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1969. The artist works mainly with coloured pencil on paper.

Both of her parents were master Inuit artists. Her father was Qaqaq Ashoona, he will be an upcoming profile. Her mother was Mayoreak Ashoona, already profiled here.

Kenneally is renown for her coloured pencil works. For subject matter the artist portrays rocks, the inner parts of a seal, and the Inuit landscape.

price range information: Sorry none available

The Ashoona clan has produced many museum caliber artists, and this artist is no exception. Kenneally has great drawing skills!


Artist of the moment……..Ian Cook

Ian Cook is a contemporary artist from Great Britain renown for the way he applies paint, more so than his art! Ian Cook paints using radio controlled cars instead of brushes! His subject matter on most occasions, the automobile.

Ian Cook was born in Birmingham, United Kingdom in the year 1983. For his artistic education Ian Cook attended the Winchester School of Art. Cook also studied in Latvia.

A link to the website of artist Ian Cook:

In this clip we see the artist at work on piece using a radio controlled car:

price range information: Sorry none available.
In this clip we see a time lapse work of the Ian Cook painting a Nissan:

What a creative way to apply paint! Other artists who use the automobile as a subject include John Chamberlain and Robert Bechtle.


Artist of the moment……Jules Emile Zingg

Jules Emile Zingg was an French painter born in Montbeliard, France in the year 1882. His father was a maker of clocks. As a young man the boy often drew and also studied the production of clocks. As a youngster he painted peasants and farm scenes.

For his artistic education Zingg attended the Ecole des Beaux Artes first in Besacon, France and then Paris, France.

Jules Emile Zingg passed away in 1942.

Zingg is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art located in Paris, France.

price range information: Works range from $3,000 to $40,000. Zingg painted in watercolors and oils.


Artist of the moment……..Antonio Llorens

Antonio Llorens was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in the year 1920 and was among the foremost painters of Latin America working in an Abstract style. For his artistic education Llorens attended the Circulo de Bellas Artes located in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Llorens went on to found his own group of Abstract artists of Uruguay.

The artist was also an avid painter of murals completing many public and private works over his lengthy career.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Antonio Llorens passed away in 1995.

Llorens had a great sense of color but what I appreciate most is his sense of design. He uses shapes we are all familiar with, yet always seems to include some organic shapes to keep the viewers eye interested.

Though it isn’t Op Art, it definitely has some Op Art characteristics as his works often seem to be in motion. His choice of colors used always enhance his bold shapes. Very elegant abstract art that if I were to compare to a modern artist, I would Llorens reminds me of Rex Ray.


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