Artist of the moment……..Manuel Ortiz de Zarate


Manuel Zarate was a painter of the figure, the landscape, and also the floral still life in a modernist style. Manuel Zarate was born in  Coma, Italy in the year 1886. He was born to a very artistic family and his father was a Chilean composer.

Zarate also worked in a Cubist manner for a period.

Zarate studied privately with a well known painter named Pedro Lira before attended the National School for the Arts located in Santiago, Chile.

The artist took for Paris, France in 1904 and met such modernist painters as Amedeo Modigliani. Whilst in Paris Zarate attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts located in Paris, France.

During World War 2 the artist lived in France and after the war was over he moved to the United States.  Zarate would pass away in the United States in 1946.

Price range information: Works range from ink and pastel works starting at $10,000 to original oils which can reach $200,000. Zarate also worked in gouache and watercolors.

Manuel Zarate passed away in 1946.



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