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Artist of the moment………Asger Jorn





Asger Jorn was a Danish painter renown for his political views and Abstract Expressionist painting style. Asger Jorn was born in Vejrum, Denmark in the year 1914. Both of his parents were teachers. The artist father was killed in an automobile accident when Jorn was only twelve years old. Jorn was not only a painter, he also enjoyed working with ceramics and was an avid printmaker.


Asger Jorn first attended the Teacher’s Training College. The artist also¬†attended the Royal Danish College of Art. In addition Jorn also studied in Paris, France with artists including Fernand Leger.

Jorn helped to found the COBRA movement that was based out of the Netherlands.

The artist was also a staunch advocate for the Communist Part of Denmark.

Asger Jorn passed away in 1973 at the age of 59 years of age.

Here we view a great montage of works by Asger Jorn:

Price range information: Works range from posters and lithographs at $2,000 to large oil paintings which can reach $400,000.