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Artist of the moment……….Pejac



Pejac is a wonderful street artist from Spain. Pejac uses a silhouette as a basis for his street art with some color occasionally added. The artist is also an illustrator and works with traditional paint on canvas. The artist is sometimes called the Spanish Banksy for his use of silhouettes and subject matter that often includes subtle political statements.

Pejac’s official government name is Silvestre Santiago.

Pejac creates great works of street art and also is a fantastic oil painter. In this clip we view one of his more traditional style of paintings:

In this clip we view the artist at work on a piece via time lapse:

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What a great artist who is every bit as capable as Banksy in making subtle political commentary. Let’s hope that more of street artist fans are exposed to this artist.


Artist of the moment……Street artist Dotz


Dotz is a street artist from Argentina who works with dinosaurs as his main subject matter. The artist was looking for something that he could portray on very large scale for street art. The dinosaur fit this idea perfectly.

Dotz is based out of Santa Rosa, Argentina.

Argentina has many types of dinosaurs and the artist has been intrigued by dinosaurs since he was a young child.

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Dotz has a very unique subject matter just perfect for street art. Though many street artist portray monsters and alien creatures, Dotz chooses to represent dinosaurs that actually used to exist such as the T-Rex. I have always enjoyed dinosaurs as my father was fascinated by them when I was young, what a great subject matter for street art!




Artist of the moment………David Austen


David Austen is a very creative artist with no limits on his imagination or the type of art he creates. Austen has worked in many well acclaimed series including glass objects, a filmmaker , and his latest works which use typography and lettering as the main subject matter.

Austen paints in oils and watercolors.

In this clip Austen shares a few secrets in his creative process using watercolors:

David Austen was born in Harlow, Essex, England in the year 1960.

Austen is well schooled having attended the Royal Academy of Art located in London, England. The artist also studied at the Maidstone College of Art located in  Kent, England and Kingston University in London, England.

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I hope this artist stays with using letters and typography as a focus. He paints oils on flax canvas for his works using text.




Artist of the moment………..Eyeetsiak Peter


Eyeetsiak Peter was an Inuit artist born in Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1937. Eyeetsiak Peter was part of the first Cape Dorset print collection in the year 1961.

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Peter was both a printmaker and carver. In his later he became known for his fantastic polar bears.

Eyeetsiak Peter passed away in 2011.

Peter was yet another wonderful Inuit artist who was a great graphic artist who also did wonderful carvings. By exaggerating and capturing the movement in the legs his polar bears have a very life like quality.

The artist is shown with many Inuit artists in Vancouver, Montreal, and Winnipeg.