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Artist of the moment……Chiura Obata



Chiura Obata was a wonderful Japanese painter and woodblock artist. Chiura Obata was born in Okayama prefecture Japan in the year 1885.

Chiura Obata was renown for his landscapes painted of the American National Park Yosemite. In this clip we view some of these treasures:

The artist was adopted by his uncle, who was a professional artist, when Obata was very young. From his early teens Obata was able to study and learn from many masters including his uncle.

Obata made his way to the United States in 1903 settling down in San Francisco where he did illustration work for the areas leading Japanese newspapers.

This artist also spent time in a Japanese internment camp.

For nearly two decades Obata taught at the collegiate level at the University of California at Berkeley. After he retired Obata would lead tour groups to Japan. Obata took charge of the tour and showed people the fantastic gardens and Japanese art.

Price range information: Prints start at $2,000. Originals in watercolors and ink can reach $25,000.



Artist of the moment……..Werner Drewes



Werner Drewes was born in Germany in the year 1899. His father was a Lutheran minister. Drewes grew up in small city named Canig, Germany.

Drewes painted in a modernist style.

Drewes participated in the World War One.

The artist began college with the idea of becoming an architecture. Drewes attended the famed Bauhaus.

Drewes also worked as a teacher of printmaking at Columbia University.

Below a great interview with the artist. We also get to visit his studio:

Werner Drewes passed away in 1985.

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 for a print to $100,000 for an original.



Artist of the moment……..Doug West



Doug West is an American painter working with images of the American southwest landscape. Doug West was born Riverside, California in the year 1947.

West enjoys the outdoors and is an avid hiker and camper.

Price range information: Works range from $1500 for a serigraph print to $30,000 for an original oils.

West has recently produced a large body of works that was painted en plein aire. He begins most of his silkscreen ideas with a watercolor sketch.

Having recently seen many Japanese wood block and Inuit prints, its very impressive how many layers of paint West inserts in his art. Some pieces have more than one hundred layers of paint, and West prefers to do the applications himself.

Here we view some wonderful images of Doug West set to music:

I enjoy the way Doug West paints the sky and his clouds. I was curious how many layers of paint some of his prints contain and was surprised to see some works have as many as 125 layers of paint! So if you want to get a wonderful effect it is necessary to use many layers of paint.