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Artist of the moment……….Yoshio Kanamori



Yoshio Kanamori  was born in Toyama Prefecture , Japan in the year 1922.

Kanamori studied with a print master named Shiko Murakata. The artist also attended the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.

For his subjects recurring themes include flowers, butterflies, birds,  and landscapes showing a low horizon line with emphasis on the sun or moon.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

To achieve his unique and wonderful results the artist sometimes painted on reverse side of in image.

In this clip we view a print in close detail. The work features Kanamori with his signature subjects of a mountainous landscape and a bird:




Artist of the moment…….Douglas Miles


Douglas Miles is a San Carlo Apache Indian who works in a street artist/ illustrator style. Douglas Miles was born in Phoenix, Arizona in the year 1963. Miles is a painter, muralist, stencil artist, and printmaker.

Miles is the founder of the Apache Skateboard Company. The company designs and produces skateboards. Miles and his company also make events and competitions for skaters. The company began in 2002.

One of his goals as an artist was to show how the Native American was living in today’s culture. In this regard his work that is trying to show people living in modern world, rather than the cowboys and Indians scenes normally found in museums.

The best thing about this artist is the influence he has on creating positive opportunities for young people. He also is a great illustrator. I never thought of it before, but most of the Indian artists featured here deal with the traditional Native American Indian.

Some of the Five Nations artists are modernist in style, but Miles chooses to portray people in modernist society rather than traditional symbols or traditional Native American materials.

Price range information: No originals available but you can find his work on apparel including hats, t-shirts, and of course skateboards.

In this clip we view Douglas Miles at work on  large mural:

A great interview with Douglas Miles: