Artist of the moment….Nicholas Mukomberanwa

Nicholas Mukomberanwa was a Zimbabwe sculptor renown for his work with soapstone. Mukomberanwa was born in the year 1940 in what used to be Rhodesia, but is now Zimbabwe. His father worked in the mines.

Made his first sculpture out of clay when he was fifteen years old.

As he was educated in Mission schools he developed a unique blend of christian and African things.

Worked on the British South African Police force for fifteen years. It was very risky for the artist to give up the police force job as he had 8 children, but the gamble paid off and he was able to accomplish his dream.

Was included on a stamp for the country’s independence day.

In 1962 he met the man who was the director of the National Gallery who convinced the artist to take up sculpture.

Started exhibiting his work internationally in 1964.

The artist served as a mentor to not only his children, many who became artists, but also to other African artists looking to improve their success.

Received many awards from the government of Zimbabwe over his lifetime.

In this clip a curator tells us a brief background of the Shona sculptures and how the movement came to be:

Mukomberanwa passed away in 2002.

price range information: Sorry none available.


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