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Artist of the moment……Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick  Demarchelier is a photographer born in Le Havre France in the year 1943. Demarchelier is renown for his images dealing with the nude female figure. Sometimes he has them hanging from trees or posing next to a window.  He works in a black and white format. The artist has worked with Vogue magazine in the United States, France, England, and China.

Here we see the artist at work for Vogue magazine in China:

He left Le Havre to chase his dream of professional photography in Paris. Demarchelier worked as an assistant to the well established Parisian photographers.

Eventually he would be an assistant to Hans Feurer, a Swiss photographer that would introduce him to the art of fashion photography.

Moved to New York City from Paris and was able to work with such luminaries as Henri- Cartier- Bresson.

Served as official photographer for Princess Diana of England.

Currently based out of New York City.

And a brief interview with Demarchelier talking about his work featuring the worlds top fashion models:

price range information : Most works priced between $3,000 and $50,000.


Artist of the moment……Agnes Nanogak Goose

Agnes Nanogak was an Inuit graphic artist born in Holman, Northwest Territories, Canada in the year 1925. Her father was from Nome, Alaska and was a guide to explorers who came to the area for the first time. Her mother was of Inuit background. Her dad encouraged her to draw and paint from a very young age.

She also illustrated two books that told stories and myths about the Inuits. The book was titled Tales from the Igloo.

Made more than 140 prints for the annual catalog over her lifetime.

In the clip below the artist talks I in her native language so I don’t know what she is saying. But you can see work on a piece and it feels like you get to meet her with the homemade quality of the clip:

price range information; Sorry none available.

Agnes Nanogak passed away in 2001 at the age of 75 years of age.

Held in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

She enjoys telling a story with her work. I find her work very narrative and whimsical. The illustrative works made me think of the painter James Christensen.



Artist of the moment…….Agnes Nyanhongo


Agnes Nyanhongo is most likely the most famous and successful female sculptor on the continent of Africa. Agnes Nyanhongo was born in the year 1960 in Nyanga, Zimbabwe to a family of artists well known in their region of Africa for their stone carvings. She learned to carve by watching her father. For her artistic education she moved to Harare, the largest city of Zimbabwe by population, and studied art for three years.

In this clip we view a gallery show and see the artist at work at home in her studio:

price range information: Sorry none available.

Enjoys portraying the struggle of women and women’s rights. Nyanhongo reminds me of very much of Elizabeth Catlett.

Similar to the Inuits portraying Shaman or the Goddess Sedna, Nyanhongo also enjoys portraying the myths and legends of her culture.


Artist of the moments…..Suzanne Caporael

Suzanne Caporael is an American artist born in New York City in the year 1949. Caporael enjoys working with natural elements including water, trees, and even ice. Her work is a blend of realism and abstraction as she enjoys making the tree and the leaves in an abstract manner. For the trees she may work with the regular tree shape, or just work with the tree rings that you find when slicing a tree open. A similar idea exists with her paintings of water where she enjoys portraying the many abstract shapes that are found in flowing water. These are executed in the medium of woodcut.

price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $12,000.

For her artistic education Caporael attended the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California earning both a bachelors and masters degree.

Her husband is a writer and novelist.

Winner of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Caporael has taught at the collegiate level in various locales in California.

The artist is part of many prominent collections including the Whitney Museum of New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Based out of Stone Ridge, New York.