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Artist of the moment….Barcelona Street legend Pez

Pez was born in Spain in 1976. Pez means Fish in Spanish. As he states often the artist has been making people smile since 1999 when he began his street art career.

A link to the website of the street legend Pez :

Below is a short biographical documentary given by the artist in Spanish and translated to English.

In this clip we see the artist work with two other graffiti artists on a piece. Very cool time lapse video.

Pez has even been featured in Time magazine.

A great montage of works by Pez. The images go fast so you may have to pause a moment to enjoy each one. Make sure and smile!

And here a visit to London to watch Pez create a unique canvas.

This link is great to see some of Pez’s art move to a commercialized style. I love these bags perfect for back to school. What a fun style that reminds me of Brazils Romero Britto. Both look to exude fun from the viewer.

Below is an example of Romero Britto’s style.


I love street art that makes me smile!


Artist of the moment…..Huang Yan

Huang Yan was born in Jilin Province, China in 1956. Huang Yan is renown for his contemporary painting and photography skills. One of his best acclaimed series was titled Chinese Landscapes. This involved using the human skin for a canvas and covering it with ink (tatoos) that represented the traditional Chinese landscape.

For most of his works the artist focuses on a certain time period in Chinese history, that of the Song Dynasty. What is most enjoyable about this is that ancient Chinese art focused on a mood, atmosphere, or certain elements like water. His works incorporate the human figure into a time period in which the human figure was usually absent. Very unique and creative. An artistic photoshop if you will! In the Chinese culture nudity and the human figure is just beginning a slow evolution into acceptance into main stream society.

In this clip we visit  a show from 2007.

Huang Yan is also a writer an talented poet. Another great reason to follow this artist is that he has written books celebrating other contemporary Chinese artists.

The artist is similar to rebel artist Ai Weiwei in that he looks to push society and current culture to the limit. One photograph that brought ridicule was of a naked woman running across the Great Wall of China! What a daring statement by an artist from the Chinese culture.

His wife is also a renown artist named Zhang Tiemei. She also has a unique style incorporating the human figure and the traditional Chinese landscape. Below an example of her work.


The couple live and work out of Beijing, China.

price range information: Works range from oils that cost between $2,000 and $10,000. Photographic prints range $5,000 to $75,000. The artist has also done some porcelain works but not enough are available to form a pricing schedule.

Huang Yan has been a guest lecturer at Changchun University located his home province of Jilin. The university has around 13,000 students.

Great to see so many current artists are both accomplished painters and photographers.


Artist of the moment…..John Kavik

John Kavik was one of the first generations of Inuit artists to be known on a worldwide basis. John Kavik was born in Uqsuqtuq, Gjoa Haven in 1897. Kavik grew up in the traditional Inuit nomadic lifestyle eventually moving first to Baker Lake and then settling in the Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, Canada. Kavik was a renown sculptor and skilled graphic artist.

A real artistic genius, many of the works are creative works such as a vase with musk ox heads. Some works are very modern in their execution when you look at the title.

price range information: Works range from $500 to $50,000. Many sculptures are priced in the $1,000 to $50,000.

As with most Inuit artists I love the resourcefulness of their artists for what they use for a carving medium. In some case the vertebrae of a whalebone. An example of this is the first image in the gallery.

In this clip we look at one of the sculptures of John Kavik up for auction.

Though I have yet to document an Inuit artist living to age 100, John Kavik came close passing away in 1993 at the age of 96 years old. No wonder he was so prolific!


Artist of the moment……Photographer and painter Edward Steichen


Since the artist was both a painter and photographer I found it best to start with a self portrait done by Edward Steichen.

Below is a gallery of both paintings and photographs of Edward Steichen.

Edward Steichen was a wonderful photographer born in the country of Luxemburg in the year 1879. His family moved to the States when the artist was a child and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Steichen was a leading member of the Photo-Secession movement/ group. Steichen didn’t attend college to acquire his artistic talents, he was an apprentice a company called American Fine Arts. After this he found employment as a designer of lithographic prints.

Whilst growing up in Milwaukee the artist studied much on his own at the public library. He researched artists like Monet and George Watts, two Impressionist painters that influenced Steichen a great deal.

The painting below, The Pond Moonlight sold at auction for $2.9 million dollars.

Steichen was renown for his work with celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s.

Worked for the key fashion magazines of the time period in Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Steichen was trained as a painter and photographer. He was fond of Impressionism.

In this clip Ted Forbes takes us on a lesson with Edward Steichen.

Worked for the United States Navy photographic department in World War 2.

A brief montage of celebrity type images of Edward Steichen.

When he first saved enough money to visit Europe, he first stopped off in New York City to visit Alfred Stieglitz. Stieglitz was impressed not only with his photographs, but also his skills as a lithographer and painter. Stieglitz would immediately purchase some of Steichen’s work and the two would go on to try and promote photography as Fine Art.

Price range information: Though at auction the artist has broken the $2 million dollar barrier, one can still find photographs, prints, and paintings between $1,000 and $50,000.

Steichen passed away in 1973 at the age of 96 years of age.

I think of all the photographers covered here Steichen is most impressive due to his painting skills. What a great eye the artist had!



Artist of the moment…..Jimi Gleason

Jimi Gleason is an American painter born in 1961. He grew up in Newport Beach, California. Gleason is renown for his abstract and minimalist works painted in acrylics. His mentor was Ed Moses. His paintings have a great surface texture to them and as the viewer’s eyes moves about the image one can find many varieties of texture in the corners and in the middle just a flat monotone. The artist is great at playing with light and luminosity.

For his collegiate education Jimi Gleason attended the University of California at Berkeley.

In this clip below we visit a show by Jimi Gleason and his mentor Ed Moses.

After college he met Ed Moses and worked as his studio assistant for seven years.

One technique the artist uses hand made instruments  to use pearlescent acrylic white paint as a base. Another great innovation Gleason uses to get more texture in the corners as he pulls the white paint to get a smooth texture in the middle but he allows it to build up in the corners and edges of the canvas.

What interests me with Gleason and Ed Moses is that these artists have been experimenting with ways to produce different textural affects, and now companies have those affects in a bottle for us to use. If you would like a textured canvas with a crackle affect, you may buy the crackle medium! I encourage you to try and experiment with textures if you work with acrylics, its fun!

Price range information: Works range from $1,500 to $50,000.