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Artist of the moment…..Sammy Nassak

Sammy Nassak was an Inuit sculptor who enjoyed working with animals. Nassak was born in the Kangirsuk, Quebec, Canada region in the year 1905. He enjoyed working with animals not usually seen from the Inuit artists like an otter.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Nassack passed away in 1988 at the age of 83 years old.

No more information available on this artist, but more Inuit art coming soon!



Artist of the moment……Andrew Masullo

Andrew Masullo is an American abstract artist born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the year 1957. For his artistic education Masullo attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  The artist originally started out as a language major, but then switched his focus of study to the visual arts.

Started off making collages and assemblages with found objects. His work from this time period is compared to Joseph Cornell, who has been profiled here previously.

In the 1990s he moved to his version of lost abstraction. He might work years on a canvas before finishing it.

Winner of a Pollack- Krosner grant to further his study of abstract art.

Winner of a Guggenheim fellowship.

Included in the collection of the New York public library.

Started exhibiting in 1983.

price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $30,000.

Doesn’t enjoy being called an artist as everyone is an artist these days.

And here we go to a show featuring Masullo with our beloved James Kalm! This show is from 2013.

A great interview with the artist at the Whitney Biennale. He was included in the 2012 Biennale and talks about the difference between abstract and non-objective art.

And here we visit a show featuring Andrew Masullo with James Kalm. The show took place in 2010.


Artist of the moment…photographer Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore is a contemporary American photographer renown for his pioneering work in the field of color photography. Stephen Shore was born in New York, New York in the year 1947. He also was able to capture many images of Andy Warhol’s Factory studio. For his artistic education the artist was self taught. Shore is also  renown for capturing classic “Americana” type motifs including gas stations and hotel rooms.

price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $60,000.

Shore received his first camera as a gift when he was 6. A second camera came to him at the age of 9 years old.

The artist was inspired by several photographers including Walker Evans. Shore had so much confidence in his abilities he showed his works to the Museum of Modern Art’s Ed Steichen, both profiled here already. The artist was only 14 years old at the time he presented his works to Steichen.

He would go on to meet Warhol and started photographing the Factory Studio.

In this interview the artist talks about his relationship with Andy Warhol and his beginnings in photography:

Had his first solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when he was 24 years of age in 1971.

Started to experiment with color photography beginning in the year 1973.

Winner of a fellowship from the National Endowments for the Arts. Also a winner of a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation.

Currently based out of New York City and is head of the photography department  at Bard College.

In this clip we view a great montage of photographs of the artist:


Artist of the moment….Nicholas Mukomberanwa

Nicholas Mukomberanwa was a Zimbabwe sculptor renown for his work with soapstone. Mukomberanwa was born in the year 1940 in what used to be Rhodesia, but is now Zimbabwe. His father worked in the mines.

Made his first sculpture out of clay when he was fifteen years old.

As he was educated in Mission schools he developed a unique blend of christian and African things.

Worked on the British South African Police force for fifteen years. It was very risky for the artist to give up the police force job as he had 8 children, but the gamble paid off and he was able to accomplish his dream.

Was included on a stamp for the country’s independence day.

In 1962 he met the man who was the director of the National Gallery who convinced the artist to take up sculpture.

Started exhibiting his work internationally in 1964.

The artist served as a mentor to not only his children, many who became artists, but also to other African artists looking to improve their success.

Received many awards from the government of Zimbabwe over his lifetime.

In this clip a curator tells us a brief background of the Shona sculptures and how the movement came to be:

Mukomberanwa passed away in 2002.

price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…….Abraham Etungat

Abraham Etungat was born in the Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory, Canada in the year 1911. Abraham Etungat was an Inuit carver whose main theme was birds. The artist enjoyed designing unique looks and would sometimes carve the bird with their wings spread apart. His wife, daughter, and grandson were all artists.

Has a piece in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $20,000.

Here we see a piece by Abraham Etungat which is translated to mean the bird of spring:

Abraham Etungat passed away in 1999.


Artist of the moment….Sandra Suy

Sandra Suy is a talented fashion. Her work is highly detailed in some areas with much open space in her compositions to allow the viewer to enter the work. Suy is based out of Barcelona, Spain. Her fluid line reminds me of  the master caricaturist Al HIrschfeld. With simple flowing lines she is able to draw and paint awesome hair. She has worked with such name brands as Missoni and Chloe.

A link to a Tumblr page featuring great works by the artist:

For her artistic education Sandra Suy attended La Llotja in Barcelona, Spain.

In this clip we see Sandry Suy’s works with Beyonce in the background! A great combination!

price range information: The artist does not yet produce any prints or original works for the public. Perhaps she will take a note from the art deco master profiled here named Erte, who was not only a great designer, but also was able to be a great printmaker.


Artist of the moment…..Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora is a wonderful modern artist who specializes in working with the figure using ceramics and other mixed media such as graphite wax, bronze, or gypsum. Emil Alzamora was born in Lima, Peru in the year 1975. His works are amazing for their mix of realism and fantasy. The space figure is an great example of  a work done entirely in ceramics.

Grew up in Boca Grande, Florida. For his artistic education attended Florida State University at Boca Grande receiving a bachelors of fine art and graduating magna cum laude.

in part 1 of the clips we see the artist at work via timelapse. Its like seeing the entire creative process in a few minutes time:

Part 2 of the of the timelapse:

Part 3 of the series:

A link to the website of artist Emil Alazmora:

Price range information:  Sorry none available.

What a wonderful and unique interpretation of the figure. I love the emotion Alzamora inserts into each piece. One of few figure artists working with ceramics, and the addition of other unique materials like graphite wax gives the artist’s work a great feeling as if he was capturing an ephemeral moment in time for us to enjoy forever.

Lately the artist has moved into works that resemble mythical creatures, mixtures of man and beast. I encourage you to visit his website!