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Artist of the moment…..Helen Kalvak

Helen Kalvak was another fantastic Inuit graphic artist born in Tahiryuak Island, Victoria Island, Canada. The artist lived the traditional nomadic lifestyle for most of her life. Her father taught her how to be a shaman.

She was associated with Holman, Northwest Territories, Canada press. The artist is credited with 176 prints over her long career. She moved to the city after the death of husband at an early age. In Holman with the help of a clergyman she was able to found a printing press.

Completed more than 1800 drawings. Very prolific output.

Kalvak enjoyed working with the female form. As with most Inuit printmakers she is highly talented at drawing one subject as seen from multiple angles.

price range information: prints range from $250 to $800.

In 1979 Kalvak’s art was used on a national Canadian postage stamp. Below an image of the stamp.


Member Canada Royal Academy of Arts.

Member of the Order of Canada.

Artist of the moment…..Ed Moses

Ed Moses is an American artist born on a ship as his mother was en route to Long Beach, California when he was born. She had separated from her husband and the couple had been living in Hawaii. The artist was kept at home for a period in his early teens to prevent him from getting tuberculosis. Moses dropped out of high school to join the Navy.

After finishing his naval experience Moses signed up for med school with hopes of becoming a doctor. It was not to be and Moses found himself taking classes with Pedro Miller at Long Beach City College. The artist would go on to eventually earn a master’s degree from U.C.L.A.

In this clip we visit a show with the work of Ed Moses and another artist Jimi Gleason. The first 1:17 of the clip is dedicated to Gleason, the last part to Ed Moses.

His career path then took Moses to New York where he met other artists like Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, and Willem de Kooning. He lived in New York City for only one year and headed back to California after first landing with his wife and first son in Virginia.

Was added to the faculty and taught art at the University of California campus at Irvine.

In the 1970s Moses began to work with resin and various materials to create surface texture in his art.

1980 the artist received a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Ed Moses is included in many prominent collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the Denver Museum of Art.

price range information: Works range from prints starting at $1,000 to oil paintings that cost as much as $50,000.



Artist of the moment…..Markus Linnenbrink

Markus Linnenbrook is an artist born in Dortmund, Germany in the year 1961. Linnenbrook is renown for his great sense of colour and for painting on and working with resin. For his artistic education Linnenbrink attended the Academy of Fine Arts located in Berlin, Germany.

Lives and works out of Brooklyn, New York.

When it comes to a movement to associate the artist with we should call it conceptual art. Not only is the colour still very brilliant in his end works, the surface quality is very textured almost giving his work a sculptural feeling.

Price range information: The artist works in a variety of mediums from oils and acrylics to watercolors and price range $1,000 to $8,0000.

Its also interesting to see the names he chooses for his work. He blends them all into one word with capital letters, another interesting concept!

A link to the website of Markus Linnenbrink:

In this clip we visit a show for the artist given in 2012.

And for those fans of printmaking in this clip we see a project titled “Mud Honey.” These monotypes were made from the left over ink on the press after printing the Valley of the Dolls monotype series.

For a surface the artists mainly uses wood.