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Artist of the moment…..Photographer Santiago Sierra

Santiago Sierra is a photographer born in Madrid, Spain in the year 1966. He is renown for conceptual and installation art. For these works he likes to point out the dangers and the results of the super charged capitalism taking place in the poorer countries of the world. This can be taking advantage of immigrant labor or those people just hovering at the poverty level to the immigrants and young women involved in the sex industry.  One image in the gallery is a collection of 100 beggars. Sierra likes to make the viewer more aware of where they stand on the economic ladder.

A great example of how he might refer to race is the image in the gallery of the men arranged from lightest to darkest color of skin. The men are also lined up as to who might be the best laborer to purchase.

The artist has also done audio mixing somewhat similar to Christian Maclay. The artist took the 27 members of the European Union and played each national anthem at the same time continuously. The other side of the record included the national song of the European Union members playing backwards and regularly at the same time continuously.

Some examples of his conceptual ideas include creating a gas chamber inside a former synagogue located in Berlin, Germany.

price range information: Most works priced between $10,000 and $30,000.

Based out of Madrid, Spain.

A link to the website of Santiago Sierra:

In addition to his photography the artist also organizes installation and performance art. Watch this clip from the Tate modern as Sierra arranges for homeless people to stand with their backs to the audience for one hour. Very original concepts in both photography and performance art. Sierra is always trying to get the viewer to look beyond what they might normally see in the economic food chain that he considers capitalism:



Artist of the moment…Thomas Cannell

Thomas Cannell is a Salish artist  born in the year 1980. Cannell  is renown for his graphic art but even known more for his sculpture work. His favorite medium to use currently is wood. Cannell comes from the Musqueam Reserve in British Columbia.

price range information: Prints start at $500. Unable to find any more pricing information.

His mother is famed artist Susan Point, already profiled here.

Cannell was an apprentice for years. This is where he learned how to use a chainsaw.

Cannell has been to college. He attended Langara College first. Cannell went on to graduate from Capilano University. His degree was in tourism.

In this clip a brief interview with the artist as he talks about a work titled “thunderbird.”  done for the 2010 Vancouver British Columbia Olympics. The artist is able to work in a very large size with his work.

In this clip we view the very large sculpture  “Thunderbird” getting installed.

Thanks to Susan Point for creating a multi generation family of artists, look out Wyeths!


Artist of the moment…..Photographer Julius Shulman

Julius Shulman was an American photographer renown for his work with modern architecture. The image most associated with Julius Shulman was titled Case Study #22, Los Angeles. Shulman specialized in shooting the very modern landscape of Los Angeles. Even in these times the architecture seems very modern but to see it in the 1960s when these styles were the first of their kind, must have been awesome to see these photographs. This is days before the internet and flickr.

He photographed many works by the leading architects from Frank Lloyd Wright to Pierre Koening. Many buildings have been destroyed or rebuilt so his photographs are like timecapesules from modern architecture of the 1960s and 1970s.

And in this clip we view an interview with the artist done when he was 98 years old. The artist died at 98 so its really intriguing:

Below is a clip from a documentary about Shulman narrated by Dustin Hoffman. This film was shot in 2008 and is titled Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman. The film won some prizes on the independent film circuit.


In this last clip Julius Shulman talks about modernist architecture in Los Angeles, California. This clip is from the Getty Center where much of the work from this artist resides.


Artist of the moment….Leo Angotingoar

Leo Angotingoar is an Inuit artist from the Salliq or Coral Harbour, Nunavut Territory, Canada  born in the year 1953. He comes from a family of artisans as both parents and sister are working artists. Leo lives in Coral Bay whilst the rest of his family lives in the Repulse Bay area.

Has stayed true to Inuit roots by using whalebone. I did some research and these works are prohibited from leaving Canada. That is why the Inuit work so intrigues me, not only is a work of art, but it is an artifact. A time capsule of an animal that actually lived during our time period.

price range information: Sorry none available.

No more information on this artist.