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Artists of the moment…..Pauloosie Tukpanie

Pauloosie Tukpanie is  wonderful Inuit carver born in Iqaluit, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1960.

His father and brother were professional artists.

Pauloosie Tukpanie is renown for his work with bears. Working in stone Tukpanie is fantastic at capturing  the movement of the bear.

In this clip we view a bear and his reflection made by Pualoosie Tukpanie. A masterpiece!

price range information: sorry none available.

No more information on this artist, but more Inuit art coming soon!


Artist of the moment….Yinka Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare  was born in London, England in the year 1962. He moved to Lagos, Nigeria as a three old and lived in the city until the age of 16 years old. Shinobare returned to London for his education. At the age of 18 he experienced an illness titled transverse myelitis, his spinal cord suffered long term damage. As a result of his disability Shinobare can’t really make any art, and must rely on assistants to execute his ideas.

For his artistic education Shonibare attended the Byam Shaw College of Art. The artist went on to earn a master’s degree from the University of London.

The artist loves to explore ideas of class and race. In this regard I found his work very similar to Kara Walker. Both use many mediums to get their ideas of both race and class to the viewer.

Part of a foundation called SHAPE, that helps disabled people produce art.

Loves to work with bright colors and fabrics often found in African clothing.

Has been nominated for the Turner Prize.

Some works contain actual life size mannequins.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we visit the PBS series Art 21 for a brief bio about Yinka Shonibare.

And we visit the artist with a work titled Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle. Nelson was the leader of the British against the Spanish and French in this naval battle. The British with 27 ships defeated the French and Spanish who had 33 ships. At the end of the battle the British lost not one ship whilst the French and Spanish combo lost 22 ships.

And in this clip we visit a show dealing with global conflicts. You can see some of the mannequins on display and check out their awesome shadows they create on the walls. Also see his thoughts on the business of oil and big energy companies.

Artist of the moment…..Photographer Aldo Sessa

Aldo Sessa is a photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1939. Started taking atelier lessons at the age of 10 years  old. Sessa started working for a newspaper as a freelance photographer in the year 1958, the name was La Nacional.

Studied film and cinematography in Hollywood, California.

In 1974 met another photographer, Lisl Steiner, the two became great friends.

In 1978 begins his gaucho series and works dealing with artifacts of the 1800s in Argentina. These artifacts include guns, whips,and daggers.

In this clip we visit the Tango series of Sessa. I love the way he shoots their silhouettes.

A great all around artist, Sessa has also illustrated several books.

A painting titled Humorum done by Sessa is included in the National Gallery of Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution.

Has been part of more than 200 exhibitions over his career.

A link to the homepage of Aldo Sessa:

price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…..Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a multimedia artist born in Denmark, Copenhagen in the year 1967. Though he has done sculpture work , photography, and prints Eliasson is best known for his installation works involving with light and sometimes involving water and air. For his artistic education attended the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

price range information: The artist is very prolific as far as output, his mediums include photography, glass, steel, ink, oils, and metals. Photographs start at $5,000. Other mediums start at $10,000 and go to the low six figures. Eliasson has broken the $1.0 million dollar mark at auction with a work titled the fivefold eye selling for $1.23 million. Below some images of this work.

Part of the 2003 Venice Biennale.

As an artist my favorite works are those that include multiple shadows of one figure. They are reminiscent to me of the multi image works of Elvis Presley made by Andy Warhol.

A wonderful interview with the artist. This captures what I can’t through the gallery. You must actually see the light reflecting from the various mirrors or aluminum sheets used by the artist to get a true feeling for his work.

Has a studio in Berlin, Germany.

Sometimes works with as many as 30 people on certain light installation projects.

The works receiving the most critical attention of Eliasson’s would be the Weather Project. This was an installation done at London’s Tate Modern Museum in 2003. This was a great show for the artist and attracted over 2 million viewers! A large hall was emptied and inside humidifiers were placed that displaced a mixture of sugar and water that filled the air. The top of the hall was a large mirror and people could see themselves. As a result many laid on the floor to take part in the installation. Many viewers came back to the exhibit multiple times.

And here we go to London’s Tate Modern to visit the Weather Project.

A work that generated a large number of negative and positive remarks was titled the New York City Waterfalls. This project of Eliasson was to set up man made waterfalls and set up lights and illuminate the waterfalls when darkness came and throughout the night. The project was to cost around $15 million dollars.

In this clip we visit the installation New York City Waterfalls. Cool stuff!

And as a fan of the Art Car series by BMW, we visit a car made by Eliasson.

Since Thomas Kinkade has passed, we have the new “painter” of light!


Artist of the moment…..Davie Atchealak

David Atchealak was another master Inuit carver born in Iqualit, Nunavut Territory, Canada. Atchealak was fond of saying he made art by seeing his ancestors in his mind. He argued the fact that some critics might say his work came from dreams. The artist responded by saying that dreams are part nonsense and part real. Atchealak stated he works on every detail of his image as if it were real.

Like most Inuit artists Atchealak was a great graphic artist in addition to his three dimensional works.

price range information: Works range from prints from $400 to carvings costing $14,000.

The artist is perhaps the closest at carving a non Inuit style work. I love the eyes the most! Many regional artists just make slits for the eyes, but Atchealak has gone past this barrier and made them very expressive as well.

Atchealak passed away in 2006 at the age of 53 years of age.

Below a wonderful example of the artist’s whimsical and playful style with two dancing bears.

And here we have a work of a drum dancer by Atchealak. What an expressive figure and detail in the face!