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Artist of the moment….Shona Sculptor Elliott Katombera

Elliott Katembera is a shona sculptor born in the 1970s. Katombera has been working alongside Nicholas Tandi and G. Gidi.

He is based out of Harare, Zimbabwe enjoys working with butter jade and verdite.

price range information:

Works range from $300 to $3,000.

In this clip we see the artist working on a piece. The best is at the end of the clip when at least 10 smaller bust carvings that Katombera is working are shown:


Artist of the moment…….Dominic Benhura

Dominic Benhura is a shona sculptor from Zimbabwe born in the year 1968 in what at the time was Rhodesia, but is now part of Zimbabwe. Like many shona sculptors, he came from a tough childhood. His father was died before he was even born. Raised by his mother he was an excellent student. In addition to stone the artist works with steel, wire, Most of his shows have been in Europe but he has started to make a name for himself in the United States.

Part of the second generation of shona sculptors. He is internationally renown and collected.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip by a gallery owner representing Dominic Benhura at Art Basel Miami  we learn more about the type of stone the artist enjoys working with. I found it interesting to hear about the different types of stones used and their characteristics. I hope to find this same information as it pertains to the Inuits and their type of serpentine or granite stone.

A link to the website of Dominic Benhura:

As the result of being an excellent student, he moved to another town to study and for period of time lived with a cousin who was a professional sculptor, Benhura was ten years of age at the time. After helping to polish some finished pieces belonging to his cousin he thought why not try to sculpt something himself. He sold his first work at the age of twelve years of age.

In this clip we view a piece titled “rejoicing” by Dominic Benhura:

In this clip we visit another sculpture showing children at play;


Artist of the moment……Norbert Shamuyariro

price range information: Many works priced less than $1,000.

And in this clip a brief interview with the artist. Some works are shown at the 3:30 minute mark of the clip:

Norbert Shamuyarira is a great Shona sculptor from the country of Zimbabwe. The artist was born in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe in the year 1962. He was seventeen years old when he began to sculpt after meeting legendary sculptor Bernard Takawira. Norbert Shamuyarira served as a studio assistant for Takawira for four years before beginning his own workshop in 1984.

The artist has lived a tough life as far as his family is concerned as his mother died when he was nine years old. His father left the family after that. A brother then committed suicide. The artist says he doesn’t know what true happiness is.

I think its just great that someone whose life has been so difficult can still make something so unique and beautiful.

Thanks to Nannus for starting us on the path to learning more about the Shona sculptors!


Artist of the moment…….Agnes Nyanhongo


Agnes Nyanhongo is most likely the most famous and successful female sculptor on the continent of Africa. Agnes Nyanhongo was born in the year 1960 in Nyanga, Zimbabwe to a family of artists well known in their region of Africa for their stone carvings. She learned to carve by watching her father. For her artistic education she moved to Harare, the largest city of Zimbabwe by population, and studied art for three years.

In this clip we view a gallery show and see the artist at work at home in her studio:

price range information: Sorry none available.

Enjoys portraying the struggle of women and women’s rights. Nyanhongo reminds me of very much of Elizabeth Catlett.

Similar to the Inuits portraying Shaman or the Goddess Sedna, Nyanhongo also enjoys portraying the myths and legends of her culture.


Artist of the moment….Nicholas Mukomberanwa

Nicholas Mukomberanwa was a Zimbabwe sculptor renown for his work with soapstone. Mukomberanwa was born in the year 1940 in what used to be Rhodesia, but is now Zimbabwe. His father worked in the mines.

Made his first sculpture out of clay when he was fifteen years old.

As he was educated in Mission schools he developed a unique blend of christian and African things.

Worked on the British South African Police force for fifteen years. It was very risky for the artist to give up the police force job as he had 8 children, but the gamble paid off and he was able to accomplish his dream.

Was included on a stamp for the country’s independence day.

In 1962 he met the man who was the director of the National Gallery who convinced the artist to take up sculpture.

Started exhibiting his work internationally in 1964.

The artist served as a mentor to not only his children, many who became artists, but also to other African artists looking to improve their success.

Received many awards from the government of Zimbabwe over his lifetime.

In this clip a curator tells us a brief background of the Shona sculptures and how the movement came to be:

Mukomberanwa passed away in 2002.

price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment….Lucassie Ikkidluak



Lucassie Ikkidluak is an Inuit artist from Kimmirut, Nunavut Territory, Canada born in the year 1949. Ikkidluak is renown for his work with the musk ox. For his mediums the artist works with serpentine and antlers for the most part.

price range information: Works range from $1,500 to $8,000.

Ikkidluak began carving in the late 1960s. He learned to carve by watching other artists.

Brothers and sisters are artists too.

Love his interpretation of the musk ox, mainly for the way he portrays its hair, it show lots of movement.  One work is titled Wind Swept Musk Ox.


No more info on this artist but more Inuit art coming soon!

Artist of the moment……Adamie Anauta(Anautak)

Adamie Anauta is another master Inuit artist born in Akulivik, Quebec, Canada. Father was a well known artist of the region named Lukasi Anauta.

Has been a professional artist since 1979.

Anauta is renown for his work with the figure. Very emotional figures with amazing detail to features of the face.

price range information: Sorry none available.

No more information on this artist, but more Inuit art coming soon!


Artist of the moment……Luke Airut….

Luke Airut was born in 1942 and is one of the greatest living Inuit artists famous for his work with stone sculpture. Airut enjoys working with the medium as he is free to use his artistic license, but the artist has also worked with traditional Inuit materials such as caribou antlers and whalebone. Airut also produces jewelry.

One theme that I have noticed with the Inuit sculptors is sculpture that represents a man changing to a bear or walrus. Airut’s works on this genre are my favorite of the Inuit artists for his high degree of finish.

Price range information: The artist is famous for his highly detailed works ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

Airut took 6 months of classes at the Arctic College of Iqaluit.

In this clip from Waddington’s auctions house in Canada we view a work from Luke Airut from many different angles.

Wish there was more information on the artist, but more Inuit artists coming soon!

An entire civilization that to a large degree is still surviving due to art, what a great story!  I never knew about Eskimo artists as a child and find them fascinating!



Artist of the moment……Ennutsiak Ennutsiak

Ennutsiak Ennutsiak was another of the great Inuit artists of the 1900s. His work actually fetches more than any of the artists profiled so far. Ennutsiak worked with the themes of every day life but his work is more sophisticated than his peers with many carvings having multiple characters. He also was able to incorporate movement into his sculptures, a great example of this is in the gallery with one character jumping over the other playing “Leapfrog.”   Ennutsiak was born in the year 1986 in northern part of Quebec province in Canada.

Price range information:  Ennutsiak was a sculptor and works range from $3,000 to $90,000. His mediums were the normal Inuit materials such as antlers, whalebone, stone, steatite, and other found materials.

Our friends at Waddington’s Auction house of Canada bring us the following clips showing works by the artist. See the imagination of the artist here, a birthing scene.

Another work titled Piggy Back ride.

And Hunters Butchering a Walrus.

The artist passed away in 1967 whilst living on Baffin Island, where many Inuit families profiled here make their home.

Make sure to check out the other master Inuit sculptors on this site. For me I so enjoy their work because their civilization and tribe were on the decline with the fall of the fur trade in Canada and worldwide.  Thank goodness for James Houston and his idea to make the Inuit people known for their intricate carvings. The Inuit works went from being stored away for safekeeping and held in Inuit homes, to being sold for great sums of money and now annual sales surpass the $10 million dollar mark.


Happy Easter to all those celebrating today!


Artist of the moment…..Sculptor Kevin Box….

This artist is always in American Art Collector it seems!   Lets take a closer look at the artist behind those sculptures of paper.

The artist was born in the year 1977 in Oklahoma.

Low price range: Small stone works available from $600.

High price range: Medium sized sculptures up to $15,000.

Very large works that would be similar to public works can be had as well.

On line and land based gallery:   Selby Fleetwood Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A clip showing the artist at work with a new sculpture idea.

Kevin Box talking about a work of art that shows paper unfolding.

A link to the artist’s homepage. Great idea to look around at his early works and compare them to recent ideas :

This artist is similar to the artist Daniel Adel in that both use paper as a subject matter. Adel is also a fantastic painter of water as well. Box really is unique and I love the idea of mixing the classic art of origami and sculpture methods. He ends up with some very creative and unique looking works including a sheet of paper that is folded into a paper airplane, the first work of art I saw by the artist.

His artist’s statement sums up his ideas about using paper as his subject matter. “I look at each piece of paper as a “table rosa” or clean slate of perfect potential. The potential is activated by light and shadow as each decision is creased into the paper.”

Although he has done works in stone, he now concentrates on creating bronzes representing paper. His method is similar to that of casting paper, but includes methods of casting objects in ceramic as well. In order to keep up with demand he has some works cast in limited editions. This allowed him to earn more money per work and concentrate on taking on new ideas and directions in his work. I encourage all artists to have some kind of print or cast edition available to let the price range for your work come down to attract new buyers.

Another great idea that Box had was to put signs on his art that tell the viewer TOUCH ME!  I have only posted one other artist that says okay go ahead and touch my work and that was the Spanish artist Josep Cisquellop who makes wonderful paintings using a stone medium. He paints the shadows as they appear on the stone. He says when people interact and touch the artwork their fondness of it grows.

Try folding some origami. If you are really brave try painting your bird, combining two forms of art at the same time.



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