Artist of the moment….Nancy Youdelman

Nancy Youdelman is an American artist renown for her work with dresses. Nancy Youdelman was born in New York City in the year 1948. For her collegiate studies she attended California Institute for the Arts earning a bachelors in art. For her graduate studies she attended U.C.L.A .

Youdelman was one of the first students in Judy Chicago’s first feminist art class. She was also able to mentor under Mary Schapiro, a member of the Pattern and Decoration Movement I have profiled already.

Her dresses remind me of three dimensional collages as they are laced with intricate detail such as buttons and photographs.

The artist is part of the teaching faculty at California State University at Fresno.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a brief interview with the artist. I would skip the beginning and start at 5:15 and you can see her show some work and her thoughts about it.

Another awesome artist that enjoy working the dress as a main subject is Christina Chalmers. Below an example of her style.


A link to the website of Nancy Youdelman:


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