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Artist of the moment…..Lesley Dill

Lesley Dill was born in Bronxville, New York  in the year 1950. For her collegiate education Dill attended Trinity College located in Hartford, Connecticut. For her masters degree she attended the Maryland Institute of Art located in Baltimore, Maryland. Like the previous entry Jutai Toonoo, Lesley Dill enjoys using text on her wonderful dresses made from paper. She blends a feminist point of view with that of modern culture. She works in many mediums including photography, sculpture, printmaking, and has recently ventured into performance art and conceiving and directing operas.

During college she earned a bachelor of arts degree in English, a good reason for her to add text in her art, from Trinity College. She earned a masters in teaching from Smith College. In addition Dill earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Dill has been the winner of many awards and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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In this clip be sure and catch the beginning. I like the idea of hanging art from the ceiling, it made me feel like a kid when everything is that way! We see more of Lesley Dill’s art work in this clip from the Palmer Museum of Art. One subject I love in all mediums is the hand and Dill uses the hand in a very creative manner in her work.

In this clip from the Hunter Museum we visit a show for Lesley Dill:

And Part 2 of the Museum Show:


Artist of the moment….Nancy Youdelman

Nancy Youdelman is an American artist renown for her work with dresses. Nancy Youdelman was born in New York City in the year 1948. For her collegiate studies she attended California Institute for the Arts earning a bachelors in art. For her graduate studies she attended U.C.L.A .

Youdelman was one of the first students in Judy Chicago’s first feminist art class. She was also able to mentor under Mary Schapiro, a member of the Pattern and Decoration Movement I have profiled already.

Her dresses remind me of three dimensional collages as they are laced with intricate detail such as buttons and photographs.

The artist is part of the teaching faculty at California State University at Fresno.

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Below a brief interview with the artist. I would skip the beginning and start at 5:15 and you can see her show some work and her thoughts about it.

Another awesome artist that enjoy working the dress as a main subject is Christina Chalmers. Below an example of her style.


A link to the website of Nancy Youdelman:


Artist of the moment……Janet Taylor Pickett

Janet Taylor Pickett is a mixed media artist born in 1948 in Michigan. Pickett is renown for working with dresses which she uses to convey identity. For her collegiate studies the artist attended many art institutions. She attended the Michigan School of Art and Design for her BFA. Her post graduate work was done at the University of Michigan. In addition she attended Parsons School of Design.

I love the way she includes renown painters in her work. An appropriation done with her favorite subject of dresses.

I find her work very similar to the artist Christina Chalmers, who also has built a reputation for working with the dress as a main subject. Below a great example of Chalmer’s work with the dress. She also creates sculptures of dresses.


Taught much of her career at Essex County College. Also taught at Bloomfield College.

Pickett is a multi media artist that enjoys working with canvas, fabric, collage, and paint.

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In this clip Pickett talks about her work.

Another great interview with the artist.

I love the patterns and colors used by both Christina Chalmers and Janet Taylor Pickett works!