Artist of the moment….Will Cotton

Will Cotton is a contemporary American artist born in Melrose, Massachusetts and is renown for his work with the female figure. He has even painted works of celebrities including Katy Perry. For his artistic education Cotton studied briefly in France before attending Cooper Union and the New York Academy of Art.

price range information; Works range from $10,000 to $300,000.

Another favorite genre for the artist is food. Cotton loves to paint the delicious sweets we all love in wonderful landscapes made out of sweets. In these works the artist most times makes maquettes, small models, than paints from these models. He actually tries to capture a moment in time that a subject is changing, like a scoop of ice cream melting.

Started adding the female figure to some works in 2002.

Was recruited by Katy Perry to be the artistic director for her hit song California Gurls.

Cotton enjoys using consumer brands and well known imagery for his work. Sometimes borrowing ideas from board games.

Lives and works out of New York City.

In this clip we see the artist working on a print edition for Pace Prints.

Talk about contemporary art! In this clip we view some paintings by Will Cotton of pop star singer Katy Perry.

And Katy Perry talking about who picked who when it came to designing her album cover.

What an exciting artist that is working with set design and performance art, think Katy Perry, but the artist can also paint a wonderful decadent still painting full of chocolate and sugary confections for us to enjoy as well. What a well rounded artist!


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