Artist of the moment…Master Carver Paa Joe

Paa Joe is very unusual for what happens to much of his art work, his artwork ends up being looked down on by many people and covered with dirt.  Paa Joe gained a reputation for building hand carved coffins out of wood for his clients. For instance a man that worked as a vendor in his own country of Ghana, requested a large coffin carved to look like a coca cola can. I find his work very exciting and unique.

Paa, Joe was born in 1945 in the city of Akwapim, Ghana.

His work is similar to American artist Jeff Koons in the manner that both artists enjoying portraying items larger than normal.

Paa Joe is just starting to make his approach onto the international art scene and here we see a trailer for a documentary featuring the artist.

A brief documentary done by the BBC featuring the artist.

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