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Artists of the moment…..Pitaloosie and Pauta Saila….Mikisiti Saila

Pitaloosie Salia is wonderful Inuit printmaker known for her works with the figure and also birds. Pitaloosie Saila was born in the Cape Dorset , Nunavet Territory, of Canada in the year 1942.

She is one of few people her age who speak both English and the Inuit language, also known as Inukitut.

Saila has been included in print collections since 1968.  In the 2012 calendar she had two prints.

The artist helped to design a postage stamp! In 1977 the Canadian government made her Print Fisherman’s Dream into a postage stamp.

Amnesty International used a work titled Mother and Child for a 1990 card.

Price range information: Pitaloosie Saila worked mainly as a printmaker with prices ranging from $500 to $9,000 for a sculpture.

She was married to a well known sculptor named Pauta. Pauta passed away in 2009.

Both Pitaloosie Saila and her husband were elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts.

Puata Saila  was born in the area now known as Cape Dorset in the year 1916. Saila began to carve as a teen. Pitaloosie was Pauta’s second wife. The major subject in his works as you can probably tell was bears, in particular dancing bears. Elected to the Royal Academy of the Arts in 2003. Pauta Saila passed away in 2009 at 93 years of age.

In this clip we view one of Pauta’s signature dancing bears.

and another one of Pauta’s bears.

Price range information: Pauta Saila worked mainly as a sculptor and prices range $2,500 to $50,000.

One son of Pauta Saila was a renown sculptor named Mikisiti Saila. Born in 1939 he passed away in 2008. He enjoyed working with wildlife and birds. Below some works by Mikitsiti Saila.