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Artist of the moment……Aqjangajuk (Axangayu) Shaa

A wonderful sculpture by Axangayu Shaa.

Agqjangajuk Shaa is a premier Inuit sculptor born in the Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory of Canada in 1937.  I am sure you have noticed many of these families have produced generations of professional artists and the grandfather of Axangayu was famed Inuit artist Kiakshuk. Kiakshuck was born in 1886 and was both a printmaker and sculptor. Below a print by Kiakshuk who passed in 1966.


and a sculpture by Kiakshuk.


He was the only child of two other artists Munamee Davidee, a sculptor. No examples of his work. His mother was also a renown artist named Pannichiak Munamee. She lived from 1920 to 1968 and was a well known printmaker. Below an example of her style.


Started sculpture at age 17. Has only done one print, from 1961, from the famed Cape Dorset annual print collection.

Was part of the worldwide Inuit art exhibition that brought the Canadians worldwide fame in the art world.

Included in many museum collections including the National Gallery of Canada and the Met in New York city.

Price range information: Sculpture range from $1,000 to $20,000.

Elected as a member of the Royal Canadian Academy.

As with many Inuit sculptors the artist includes humans in many works, but I found his works that hunters carrying objects or dancing animals to be the best. And the work featuring a bird colony is the only of its kind I have seen in my many hours of research !