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Artist of the moment…….Vexta






Vexta is a very popular street artist from Melbourne, Australia. She is one of few women working in this field. Her main subject matter is the female figure. The artist moved to Melbourne from Sydney and found inspiration from street artists like Sync and Dlux.

Has not released her government name, choosing to keep her identity secret a la Banksy.
Included in documentary RASH about graffiti art in Australia made in 2005.

Included in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.
Other female street artists already covered here include Swoon and Faith47!

Vexta is now based out of New York.

Part of the latest documentary on graffiti titled Bomb-It!

In this clip we see world renown street art legends including Ha-Ha, Blek le rat, and Vexta.

Artist of the moment…..Witold K

Witold K was born in Warsaw, Poland in the year 1932. Witold K was raised mainly by his grandparents as his mother died upon his birth. His grandfather was even a member of Polish Parliamentary government.

To help him learn English Witold K was an avid Scrabble player!

For his artistic education the artist attended Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

1964 Witold K is sent to Paris, France by the Polish Minister of Culture. The artist smuggled writings of the those that disagreed with the governments of Poland and the Soviet Union. The artist helped bring these thoughts to the West.

For his acts Witold K received an award from the United States, but was then banned from returning to Poland.

Witold K moved to New York city in 1968. A year later he would move to California. He opened his first gallery in Beverly Hills.

In 1980 the artist moved to Denver, Colorado.

In 1997 the mayor of Denver, Wellington Webb proclaimed May 15th Witold K day. At the time it was his 65th birthday and the mayor wanted to recognize the donation to the artistic community of  Denver.

A documentary film is being shot talking about the life history and artistic journey of the artist.

In this great clip we listen to Witold K talk about a painting for auction at Sotheby’s. His dream job was to be the director of a zoo as he loved animals. We also learn about a wonderful painting inspired by his grandfather.

A link to Witold K’s own website: ¬†

Price range information: Sorry none available.