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Artist of the moment……Polly Apfelbaum

In this clip Apfelbaum talks about feminism in her artwork. A question she thinks about but never answers.

In this clip we see the artist work on a signature floor bound installation.

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Polly Apfelbaum is a fantastic contemporary artist who has a similar style to many of the artists of the Pattern and Decoration movement of the 1970s. Polly Apfelbaum was born in Abington, Pennslvania in 1955. For her collegiate studies Apfelbaum attended the Tyler School of Art located in Philadelphia.

In her artistic statement the artist sees her art as a mixture of painting and sculpture. Apfelbaum uses a wide variety of medium including woodcuts and her floor bound installations which have many layers and variations of color, some more than 100 varieties, made up of individual cut petals of synthetic velvet. In addition Apfelbaum uses cut up photographs, bed sheets, and cloth.

Part of museum collections including the Whitney Museum of Art, The Museum of modern art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and museums in Europe.