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Artist of the moment…..Joe David

Joe David is an artist renown for his work with masks. David was born in Opitsat, British Columbia in the year 1946. David is a painter, carver, and sculptor. In the mid 1950s his family moved to Seatte, Washington. His grandmother predicted he would be an artist whilst David was still an infant.
His father was an artist and Joe David was given his fathers native name which was loosely translated as Super natural white wolf trasforming into a killer whale.

In this clip we visit Joe David working as an artist in residence and with glass as a medium. Also some traditional masks are shown.

What is most fascinating with Joe David is his drive to learn about native peoples all over the world. David has participated in Maori rituals in New Zealand. The artist also has done ceremonies held in Big Mountain, Arizona.
With his abilities spread out among so many mediums including painting, carving, sculpting, and glass Joe David’s work is in high demand from private and public collectors and also museums.
Known for what he calls ‘sacred bling,’ The smaller cultural carvings produced by the artist.
Price range information: The most expensive works are his collaborative works with glass master Preston Singletary which reach $20,000.