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Artist of the moment…….David Klein

In this clip see some works dealing with the jet age and TWA. Klein and other TWA artists are shown.

A small gallery featuring Klein’s TWA works.

David Klein was a highly successful artist known in particular for his commercial advertising works with the old TWA or Trans-World Airline. David Klein was born in El Paso,  Texas in the year 1918. In addition to the work with TWA Klein worked an illustrator for Hollywood set designs, Broadway musicals, and even the United States Army.

In addition to serving and producing illustrations in the armed forces, Klein also did paintings for a series about the United States Air Force. The series is named the Air Force Art Collection.

For his collegiate studies Klein attended the Art Center College of Design.

Klein’s medium of choice was watercolour. He was an active member in the California Watercolor Society.

For most of his working career was based out of Los Angeles, where he worked with Hollywood movies. The artist also resided in New York for a long period of time where he worked on Broadway producing many posters for the various Broadway shows.

Klein’s most renown work was with the beginning of the Jet Age. The viewer, through David Klein’s work, was able be transported to various locales such as San Francisco, California and even the great state of Hawaii. Its hard to imagine that not everyone had a camera at their fingertips. Also many photographs were in black and white whereas Klein had remarkable sense of color, helping to create vivid images of faraway destinations.

David Klein is included in the Museum of Modern Art in New York’s poster collection for a piece he did on times square.

In 2006 Orbitz reintroduced some of Klein’s jet age work, giving him more national recognition.

I first became aware of the artist via some auctions of the artist’s famed posters. The TWA Times Square piece sold for $6,000 in 2009. Many works are priced 1,000 to 7,000, these are posters! The highest price ever recorded for a poster/ print by David Klein  was on April 18 of 2013, at Christie’s for $9,944.

David Klein passed away in 2005 at the age of 87 years old.