Artist of the moment…..Augustus Goertz…


This artist is known for creating texture on his canvases using a variety of mixed media.

A clip with the artist showing us his New York studio.

Section two of the interview, the artist shows us some of his portfolio.

The last section of the interview. The artist talks about another work comparing it to the Op-Art movement with artists like Vasserely and Bridget Riley. Movement, but also with a great deal of texture.

Augustus Goertz was born in 1958.

The artist is very creative when it comes to using unusual materials in his artwork. His main theme is to exaggerate the textures that he sees. On the work above that is painted green and titled “putting green” the artist used G.I. figures in the background. Using various methods he not only creates different textures, but uses creates a lot of depth. In addition to the great texture created for the viewer, the viewer also gets the sense of motion from the many objects on the surface that change the reflection of light as the viewer dances about the painting.

Goertz is very in tune with nature. Recreating everyday items for the viewer such as dirt, mud, rocks, grass, and sometimes even the beach.

Goertz also uses photography in his work from time to time. He became interested in the medium whilst living in San Francisco. He develops these type of works by including layer upon layer of special dark chemicals. These works don’t include much if any color and give a real sense of moodiness to the viewer. To compare it to another artist his Goertz photography paintings remind of the paintings two to three years ago produced by Geoffrey Johnson. With the lack of color and the striking contrast between dark and light shapes, these photograph based images turn out to be something you might imagine from the Victorian era.  Goertz uses many applications of paint from spattering, dripping, and pouring the paint. He attacks the surface somewhat like Jackson Pollack, but Goertz is looking to make more of a sculptural type of painting that a flat surface.

The artist works mainly on canvas but from time to time uses paper.

On line and land based galleriers: Kim Foster gallery in New York city.

If you like this artist be sure and check out Josep Cisquillop. He is based in Europe and uses texture mediums to recreate items such as a cement sidewalk or path and then he paints shadows on them.


For his art education Goertz went to Carnegie Mellon Univeristy in Pennsylvania as wel as the San Francisco Art Institute.

A link to the artist’s own website:

I hope sometime this artist can inspire all of us to try experiment and use some texture mediums.


Keep on creating !



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