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Artist of the moment…..Alec Monopoly……


The artist is a street artist who uses many different mediums in order to express his cultural views.

The artist works for the most part with acrylics on canvas. Very large works as well with many having sides longer than forty inches.

Is it art, or vandalism? The arist has had encounters with the law.  The artist would never put his work on the side of  a Starbucks or contemporary restaurant. He avoids anything belonging to state or federal governments. He also avoids mailboxes.  Monopoly prefers abandoned buildings.

The main goal for his art, that everyone understands the statement. Very nice!

Some other artists that influence him are Banksy and Mr. Brainwash.

The artist became known for using the Monopoly Man after first using the convicted wall street money man Bernie Madoff. He used Madoffs face and surrounded him with Monopoly  money, then he thought why not just use the Monopoly Man.

A great clip showing the artist, or at least his silhouette talking, about his first show in New York City. I am very thankful that Swoon let herself become famous as an artist. Some street artists we might never get to know such as Banksy and Monopoly Man.  I love the street artists who are now fine artists such as Swoon, Banksy, or Richard Hambleton.

Watch some street art being made in this clip. A great bio on the artist.

Another short clip showing the artist at work.

Link to the artist’s homepage:     He has a special right now. One print of a Bob Marley screenprint that is hand colored is available for $350.

Monopoly has worked in a variety of surfaces but seems to prefer acrylics on canvas or newspaper. Many times the works are sealed with a resin. He has also painted on surfaces such as an old door.

Price range:  Most originals go for 5,ooo to 10,000 U.S. dollars. From time to time he does print editions available for a few hundred dollars.

Monopoly lives and works out of Los Angeles, California. Spent childhood in New York City.

Won a great commission last year. He got to create a work for Paramount pictures new company, Insurge. He was commissioned to create the logo for the company.

The artist is very productive and creative. I hope before they pass on we get to know artists like Banksy and Monopoly personally.


I enjoy this artist because he continues to produce art, even though he could be arrested. It must be quite a rush to start a piece knowing that you may not get to finish it!

Artist of the moment…..Paul Beliveau

The artist was born in Quebec City, Canada in 1954.

A brief clip from a gallery show.

This is a great clip!  A time lapse of the artist creating one of his paintings of book covers. Its great to see the process. The paintings start with a compilation of a variety of shapes of rectangles. He works generally on one book at a time using masking tape to help acheive very sharp edges between the books.

Since I spend so much time reading in the summer, lets also take a look at artist who paint book covers. This is my favorite type of pop art. Games that many people played as children that required no batteries like Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Scrabble. The artist is able to make up their own book or board game  ideas and book and board game cover design. They can take an idea and fully experiment with it.  For board game artists my check out the work of Tim Liddy. He makes up many of the games he paints, but they are very lifelike and convince the viewer that they really did exist. He even paints the tape that we use to keep the old board games and boxes together.

Beliveau paints mainly with acrylics on canvas. For some portraits, like those of other artists, he uses oils on board.

Attended college at Laval University in Quebec finishing school in 1977.
Mediums used:  Beliveau uses many mediums and is an accomplished draughtsman, painter, and an engrave.

Member of the Royal Academy of Art in London, England.

Has had more than fifty one man shows.

In addition to his books he has also done paintings in oils of famous artists such as Basquiat and Roy Lichtenstein.

On line and land based galleries:   Gallerie de Bellefeuille in Monteal, Canada.

Arden Gallery of Boston, Masssachusetts.

Try a painting in this genre. Think of your favorite artist(s) and design your own bookcover. An idea might be to take a landscape painting book that has helped you to improve your skill. Perhaps the book by artist Frank Serrano. Paint the book on the bottom of the page, in the background go ahead and paint the landscape. Its a great way to combine art history and contemporary art.

A link to the artist’s own personal website:

If you have a moment take some time to peruse the drawings done by the artist. I couldn’t find them on gallery pages but a wonderful collections exists on his website.

I enjoy this artist for his high level of skill, but also his wonderful composition skills. I have never been so intrigued to go to the library and see if I can find a future painting on the shelves!

The artist is also great at typography. He knows how to use a variety of curves in his letters to make them appeal to the viewer.
Create a masterpiece today!


Artist of the moment…….Mike Francis……

This artist hails from the United Kingdom and was born in 1938 in London, England.

The artist is best known for his paintings combining the female figure with water.

A brief clip showing works from Mike Francis  from the Plus One Gallery located in London, England. The artist sells work via this gallery.

The artist lived in New York City and started his art career as an illustrator based out of Soho and Hatton Garden.  He is also the most clever artist when it comes to naming his paintings, giving the viewer a good laugh or making them think about what he is trying to portray in a certain work of art. For me the artist is far different than the many photorealists working out of London, its his use of color.  His reflection of summer sun off of a swimming pool takes the viewer the smells of summer, chlorine and sun tan lotion!

For his education attended the  St. Martins and Central School of Art in London, England.

Online and Land Based gallery: Plus One gallery London, England.

Mediums used: Watercolour, Acrylic, and Oils.

High price range:  Oil for $8,000.  Acrylics for $3,200

Low price range:  Oil for $300 in 2011 at auction. Acrylics from $1,500.

If you enjoy this artist check out the artist Hilo Chen. He also paints women on the beach with few clothes, but he adds droplets of water to them giving the figure a wonderful sense of life and the work an awesome sense of depth.

First one man show for Mike Francis took place in 1960 at the Furneux Gallery located in London, England.

In 1972 won a very prestigious award, the National Gallery of London’s 150th Anniversary Award.

A link for the artist’s own website ( much more info here on the artist! ) :

After visiting the website I found that when you view his work, he wants the viewer to slow down and take it all in. If you look closely you will be surprised at something in the painting. I enjoy most his point of view. Similar to Raphaella Spence or Stephen Wiltshire whom both travel in helicopters to find the composition. This gives them very unique views of cities that have been painted a million times like New York or Venice.

As most artist he started loving to create art at an early age, he remembers drawing all the time as a six year old. No matter if he is sick, too lazy, or too busy he makes sure to put in some easel time every day. He has finished over 500 paintings over the years.

Try a pool painting today!