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Artist of the moment…….Burmese artist Min Wae Aung…..

This artist was born in Danubyu, Myanmar. Myanmar used to be known as Burma.

In 1982 he attended the State School of Fine Art located in Rangoon, Myanmar.

Min Wae Aung is perhaps the most famous living artist in Myanmar today.

A short collection of paintings by the artist set to music.

Great interview with the artist done by CNN’s Focus Asia spotlight.

Min Wae Aung was born and raised in Burma. As a child the monestary became his favorite hang out. In his paintings he creates the many monks and nuns he has seen over the years walking in groups off the page. Very contemporary composition. He paints brightly colored backgrounds that make the viewer concentrate even more so on the figures and their clothing moving through space.

Aung seldom paints the face from the front or profile positions, he concentrates on viewing the figure from behind and watching not only the shape of the individual, but the shape that the individuals make as a group. Aung enjoys the mystery these figures have since the viewer never sees the full face. Other artists who paint in a similar manner would be Willie Matthews. He paints the cowboy at angles not allowing the viewer to see the entire face clearly. Nelson Boren is another western artist who concentrates on painting the shoes and feet, leaving the rest of the image up to the viewer.

High price range:  $20,000 for a larger work, sized 40 by 50 painted in acrylics.

Low price range:  $5,000 for a small painting done in acrylics.

On line and land based gallery: Karin Weber Gallery located in Hong Kong.

The artists main output has been paintings of monks, followed by nuns. Only recently has the artist been captivated by painting the simple person from Myanmar just enjoying the simple and beauty of things around them hoping to get through another day of political turmoil.

In most paintings the figures are outlined in black. The background is made up of several hundred strokes and sometimes the background can look like an Impressionistic or Pointallist work of art.

After finding success on a world wide level the artist decided he loved and enjoyed collecting art as much as he did creating it. The majority of his collection is that of the Burmese artists that inpsired him. In my future entries we will take some time and learn about the Burmese/ Myanmar artworld.

I enjoy this artist and find his work to be very uplifting despite living in a place where most people have to curb their tongue and watch what they say about the government.