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Artist of the moment….Li Rui….

The artist comes from China. He is a relatively young painter that was born in 1984 in Shanxi, China.

A clip with the artist being interviewed talking about painting eggs, birds, and their nests.

Some of my favorite artists that paint birds would Jamie Wyeth and Isabelle du Toit(also an excellent painter of young babies.) Another artist working specifically with the egg and birds nest would be the Putney Painter Kathy Anderson. Scott Fraser has also done excellent paintings and drawings of birds nests and eggs. Its a great way to symbolize the beginning of life.

Li Rui has been part of exhibitions thru out China, Miami,  New York city.

I enjoy Li Rui for his unique way of painting the still life. He paints from a view above the subject. He also encloses the materials he paints in a white box many times. The added dimension does a great deal to enhance the depth of his paintings. Many of the works in this series titled “the Neighbor” are very large having sizes forty inches or longer on a side.

For his college art education Rui attended China Central Academy of Fine Arts earning both a bachelors of fine arts degree and a masters degree of fine arts.

Land based and on line gallery:  Ping Art Space in Taipei, Taiwan.

High price range:  Oil painting sold for $14,000.

Low price range: Oil painting sold for $3,000.

I find that when the artist adds items such as paper or leaves the work becomes a hyper realist painting rather than a surrealist painting. A surrealist painting to me has objects that you cas easily define,but you wouldn’t expect them to exist at the same time if at all. An example might be a highly detailed whale floating in the sky.

Li Rui is a master at painting a “trompe” work that can easily fool the eye. He is fantastic at mixing up textures on his painting surfaces. In the box holding the subjects you have wood and paint. Next he enjoys painting rocks, so he adds these. His rocks are every bit as detailed as a Stevast painting. You have the great coloring of the eggs, which in most cases is blue, contrasting with the darker earth tones of the birds nests. And for good measure the artist usually adds a paper many sheets of paper for even more added variety.

Not much information is available on the artist but with his skill level already being so high, he will move ahead quickly in the art world. Already his compositions are good enough to appear on stamps.

If you are interested in birds don’t forget about John James Audobon. I was able to see a show of his last year and was very impressed with the high level of detail in his bird paintings. How about trying a bird painting today!