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Artist of the moment…..Indian artist S.H. Raza….

The artist is perhaps the Picasso of India, having a very long and successful career as an artist. Raza was born in 1922.

A clip from a documentary on the artist.

Raza has worked in many mediums over his mulitple decade art career. He has used bronze, lithographs, gouache, oils, watercolor, and acrylics.

High price range: $3.4 million for “Saurashtra”  Acrylic painting record is $847,000.

Low price range: Lithographs start at less than one thousand dollars.

When creating his works the artist uses a variety of images taken from Indian culture, he adds dynamic color, and sometimes uses very geometric shapes that keep the viewers eye moving through out the painting.

Raza started taking drawing lessons at the age of twelve years old.  For college Raza attended the Nagpur School of Art for four years. He also attended the Sir J.J. School of Art in Bombay, India. Lastly he earned a scholarship to study at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris, France. This happened in 1950 and the artist has remained in Paris every since.

Was the first non French artist to win the Priz de la Critique. Its an award given to the best comic book produced in a certain era.

First solo show was at the age of twenty four years old. He won a silver medal from the Bombay Arts Society. This society was founded in 1888 and includes the art circle of Mumbai, India.

He first painted the landscape. Raza then moved on to painting more abstract items.
In 1947  Raza founded a group called the Bombay Progressive Art Group. This collection of artists wanted to reject the ideas of European art and its realism. The group was interested in painting more abstract works that provided feeling without realism.

By 1949 the artist had lost both parents and half of his family moved to Pakistan after the Indian partition took place.

The artist then decided to move to France and start anew. Whereas other modern artists were painting figures  Raza  explored his passion for painting landscapes surrounded by his new French environment. He even married a famous french artist named Janine Mangillot. Below is a work of hers, she was primarly an abstract painter.


Raza went to become a guest lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley.


After years of painting and selling landscapes, Raza felt a change was needed and he wanted to quit producing plastic art. He then did some more travelling and found his style. From this move he came to a Bindu statment in his works. Very expressive. In the Indian culture Bindu is both the point at which creation happens and also the point which all things become unified. This was his goal and he been very prolific in his type of painting.


I enjoy this artists work for his use of hard edges and straight lines. He uses curves and circles as well, but not as much as other contemporary artists. If I had to compare his work to an American painter it would be Frank Stella. I hope Raza can make it to one hundred years of age!


Try an abstract painting today! Loosen up and have fun with the color.




Artist of the moment….Wallace Cleaver……..Anthony Dow…

In the gallery below the second picture from the top is the scultpure of his that appeared at the Louvre.




Did you know that the actor who played the “beaver’s” brother on the hit television show from the fifties and sixties is also an artist. His work is called abstract, but I would say its more a loose sense of realism done with the figure.

A clip with the artist in this studio.

The artist was born in Hollywood, California in 1945. His father was a designer and his mother worked in the movie industry as a stunt woman and body double. Dow got his break with the show, ” Leave it to Beaver,” with little acting experience. He was a champion diver at the junior olympic level. He joined the national guard for three years in the sixties.

A link for the artists own website dealing with his sculptures:

Dow has had the opportunity to exhibit his art in the Louvre in Paris, France. At first I thought it was  because he was a television star. Hey, I still watch “Leave it to Beaver” up to four times per week on cable. But the artist assures us he wasn’t known at all in France. He was accepted on the merits of his artwork.

Very interesting story about how Dow got into the Louvre. In the television show his little brother was played by Jerry Mathers and the two were in Los Angeles and appeared as guest on a morning news program. Another guest who was co-owner of several art galleries named Robert Berger. He got to talking with Dow and found out Dow and been painting and sculpting since he was a teen. It was among his favorite hobbies.

After the Beaver show ended in 1963, Dow appeared on shows such as General Hospital and Emergency! Emergency is starting to show reruns on cable tv as well, watch for him!  He then went on to be a director and producer. When he was nearing retirement age Dow decided to give his all to sculpture. He had even learned to work with wood whilst still producing and directing.

When he took on sculpture as a daily activity he perfected his skills enough to have his works that he made out of wood, also cast into bronze.  The sculpture that appeared at the Louvre was a bronze.

He and his wife currently live in Santa Monica, California.
This artist is a great story about an artist that through his entire life has continued to learn new mediums and forms of expression. I am glad he got to exhibit his art at the Louvre and look for him to make an impression on the national level just as big as fellow television celebrity Brady Brunch star Eve Plumb. He just doesn’t have many works for sale. I was unable to find high or low prices.