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Artist of the moment…..Sculptor Kevin Box….

This artist is always in American Art Collector it seems!   Lets take a closer look at the artist behind those sculptures of paper.

The artist was born in the year 1977 in Oklahoma.

Low price range: Small stone works available from $600.

High price range: Medium sized sculptures up to $15,000.

Very large works that would be similar to public works can be had as well.

On line and land based gallery:   Selby Fleetwood Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A clip showing the artist at work with a new sculpture idea.

Kevin Box talking about a work of art that shows paper unfolding.

A link to the artist’s homepage. Great idea to look around at his early works and compare them to recent ideas :

This artist is similar to the artist Daniel Adel in that both use paper as a subject matter. Adel is also a fantastic painter of water as well. Box really is unique and I love the idea of mixing the classic art of origami and sculpture methods. He ends up with some very creative and unique looking works including a sheet of paper that is folded into a paper airplane, the first work of art I saw by the artist.

His artist’s statement sums up his ideas about using paper as his subject matter. “I look at each piece of paper as a “table rosa” or clean slate of perfect potential. The potential is activated by light and shadow as each decision is creased into the paper.”

Although he has done works in stone, he now concentrates on creating bronzes representing paper. His method is similar to that of casting paper, but includes methods of casting objects in ceramic as well. In order to keep up with demand he has some works cast in limited editions. This allowed him to earn more money per work and concentrate on taking on new ideas and directions in his work. I encourage all artists to have some kind of print or cast edition available to let the price range for your work come down to attract new buyers.

Another great idea that Box had was to put signs on his art that tell the viewer TOUCH ME!  I have only posted one other artist that says okay go ahead and touch my work and that was the Spanish artist Josep Cisquellop who makes wonderful paintings using a stone medium. He paints the shadows as they appear on the stone. He says when people interact and touch the artwork their fondness of it grows.

Try folding some origami. If you are really brave try painting your bird, combining two forms of art at the same time.



Artist of the moment…..G.R. Iranna

The artist was born in Sindgi, Bijapur, Karnataka, India.

In this clip an interview with the artist before one of his shows.

The second part of the interview.

In 1999, the artist was the artist in residence at the Wimbledon School of Art in London. He then moved back to India and earned a B.F.A. in painting from the College of Visual Art in Gulbarga. Iranna went on to earn a masters degree from the College of Art in New Delhi.

The artist has been part of art exhibitions in San Jose, California  Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Cairo, and Mumbai.

Iranna paints mainly with acrylics on canvas. Some of his very large canvases have sides longer than 100 inches! Its as if they were a mural and not a painting. Which brings us also to his choice of surfaces to paint on, many times he paints on a very large tarp. I would be interested to see how smooth the paint surfaces seem and how they reflect light. Hard to tell via a photo.  The artist seems to have abandoned painting on canvas altogether and now paints with acrylics on tarpulin.

The artist paints with a theme or genre and that is the feeling of pain or that of being a victim. In much the same way Kathe Kolwitz makes me feel sad when I look at her etchings, this artist has many feelings included in his paintings as well.  With so many events going on simultaneously I would classify these works as Surreal.

Part of Museum Collections include the National Gallery of Modern Art in India, Seattle Art Museum, Singapore Art Museum, and the Herwitz Collection here in the United States.

On line and land based galleries:   Aicon Galleries in both New York City and London.

Gurukul is comparable to being an apprentice here in the states. In India the student and master teacher even live together. Also Iranna lived in an ashram, small collection of people usually sharing the same religion, for seven years.

High price range:  Unlike most artists who work in oils and acrylics the info I found showed a record $43,000 for an oil painting titled “Historical Chair.” $43.000 for piece that was painted in acrylics.

Low price range: $10,000 for a small oil painting.

The artist now lives and works out of New Delhi, India. It seems I have been profiling many older and sometimes dead artists lately, but that is because we must take lessons from the old masters and improve upon them!  The power of an artist to express feeling is timeless, not a material item such as Rolex!  When you look at Van Gogh, or an Iranna, or a Kollwitz and the same feeling that was in their head is in your heart, THATS ART!