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Artist of the moment….Judy Pfaff…..

The artist was born in London, England in 1946. In 1949 her family moved to the United States. The family moved to Detroit and she went to a great prep school for college. She then received degrees from Washington University and a masters degree from Yale University.

Although Pfaff has worked in many mediums over the years she has gained worldwide acclaim for her installations.

She has had major exhibitions of her artwork at the Denver Art Museum and the Saint Louis Museum of Art.

Pfaff has also won major awards in the art world such as Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts fellowships.

If you are in a crunch for time and only have time for one selection watch the first clip! Very informative on her thoughts on the process of being an artist.

The artist in a short interview talking about making scultures. She never took a sculpture class whilst in college.

A clip showing an installation by the artist.

An interview with the artist. She doesn’t like people to step back from her work, she  prefers it to be super close as if you were inside of it.

The author is very witty in saying no one  buys her installations. Its too much of her in the house. You get not only the installation you get Ryan her assistant, her dog, her crew, some dirt….The list is never ending!

When I think of her work this fits perfectly….A collagist in space. She is great at organizing space and depth. Its seems as though she has designed hundreds of shadowboxes for her mastery of arrangements. My favorite works of this style are her floral works.

Joined faculty at Brad College in New York in 1994 and helps to direct a studio art program.

Pfaff was the United States representative at the Sao Paulo, Brazil Bienale in 1998.

She also has done very large public commissions in Portland, Oregon and also in Philadelphia at the Convention Center.

Basic price range: The artist has been so prolific she has many mediums available on the market. Photogravures, collages, plastic works , mixed media, watercolors, lithographs, and paintings can be found from $500 to $5,o00. The artist is very affordable.

The artist can teach us many things. First, put some abstraction in your work, even if your goal is very tight realism. Andy Wyeth, to most people a very tight and realistic painter, thought of himself as seeing things in a very abstract matter, but in smaller patterns and very tight detail that most people overlook. For some ideas on how to use abstraction in making your work better try painting some rocks, polished or unpolished wood(just look for patterns in the wood to repeat), and of course water and clouds. So many edges exist in these subjects as well, you can have fun with the variety.

Another theme to learn from the artist is always create and you will be rewarded. Despite never taking an education class about sculpting, Pfaff was able to come to it in her own way.

The last thing to take from the artist is that of spatial relationships. For an abstract expressionist, at least in her early days, she was very adept and using clean bright colors and not getting too many shapes on her surface so as to confuse or overload the senses of the viewer.

Try something very abstract today! LOOSEN UP and have some fun as Bob Ross would say!

Artist of the moment…..Kim Tschang Yeul

The artist is best known for painting one item, water droplets.

The artist comes was born on December 24th, 1929 in  South Korea. For his education Tschang-Yeul went to the School of Fine Arts at Seoul National University. He finished in college in 1950 and remained in Korea. In 1969 he left Korea and moved to Paris, France. He remains living in Paris and has won numerous awards for his art.

Tschang-Yeul has works the Musuem of Modern Art in Tokyo, Japan ,  the Korean National Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Had a one man show at the National Museum of China.

A clip showing a few works by the artist. No interviews or anything to serious, but after looking at an artists work I enjoy to see live pictures of them. It helps me to create a better memory of their work.

High price range:  Oil painting from 2008 of waterdrops that went for $541,000.  Acrylics record is $108,000.

Low price range: Smaller works of his famous water drops sized close to 10 by 8 inches  starting around $5,000 in oils.  Aquatints start at less than $1,000.  Acrylics starting around $20,000.

The artist works in many mediums including oils, acrylics, aquatints, and lithographs. More than 90% of his output has been in oils.

Online and land based gallery:  Jimmy D. Robinson out of West Palm Beach Florida.

This artist is great in that he still makes subtle changes to his work via the color and lighting to keep it looking fresh. I only wish he might try painting a flower petal or pepsi can with the same kind of effect. Other artsits that paint great droplets of water are Alyssa Monks, Hilo Chen, and Eric Wert.

Try painting water droplets that you see on a cold beer of soda when you are watching a sporting event.